Tuesday, March 18, 2008

1st Post

I mentioned to my dh a few weeks ago that maybe I should start writing a blog. We live 6 hours away from most of our family, and we're really bad about updating them with all the cool things our 13-month old is doing. Plus, we thought I'd be more likely to record in this than his baby book. I'll probably write about him the most, but I'll share some quilting stuff, too. So with that, here were the scraps of today:

Ian took more than two steps today- and they seemed to be steps he was aware of. Before this, he'd only taken two steps, and I think they happened so fast he didn't realize what he was doing. He took steps across the kitchen floor into Darrin's arms. Of course, I had to hear Darrin exclaiming in proud excitement instead of witnessing it because I was driving home from work. Ian has the worst butt rash EVER, and he's had some bad ones in the course of his life. For the last two days we've let him crawl around the house without a diaper, the snaps of his onesie flapping in the wind (and that's not all that's flapping...). Cleaning up pee isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Last night he said choo-choo and crawled over to his train, so we can officially add that to the words he knows, and not just words he'll mimic. The same goes for sock.

In quilt news, I have the top of my March UFO applique ironed down. I'm in an online quilting group, and we have a UFO challenge for each month. Thank goodness for that, because I don't think I'd ever get back to these. This month, #7 was drawn, so I'm working on my July wallhanging. All I need now is to sandwich it and do just a little bit of quilting.

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