Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kisses for Mom

As I was leaving for bells practice at church tonight, I said good-bye to Ian and blew him a kiss. Blowing kisses is something we've done for at least 4 months, just hoping to get one in return. Well tonight, I was the recipient of his first one. Darrin and I gave shouts and did a lot of clapping, and we were rewarded with even more kiss blowing. This all happened after Ian ate more for supper than I did- well practically. He ate a whole broiled 4oz fish, a bowl of applesauce, and some melba snacks. Where does he put it all? He seems like he can always eat, and Darrin and I don't always eat healthy enough to feed him. He's slowly but surely changing our eating habits. Darrin actually ate raw carrots to model for him, and then Darrin ate green beans last night. I felt so accomplished getting both my boys to eat their veggies. I'm looking forward to the weekend; time to do some sewing and the celebrate Easter on Sunday. I can't wait to see what Ian does with the eggs; will he crawl to explore them or completely ignore them. I'll report back and let you know.

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