Saturday, March 22, 2008


Well, it's Saturday, and for me that means laundry day. Before putting Ian's load in, we have to do a top to bottom search of the house for socks. He loves his socks with one caveat- they must be in his hands, not on his feet. He will put down toys to pick up socks and crawl around with them in his hands. So we scavenged the house looking for misplaced socks, and when we thought we had them all, I started his wash. As soon as I had the laundry in, I sat down to sew. Ian crawled over to the Tupperware drawer behind me, and what should he pull out of there- not Tupperware, of course, but a sock. Apparently, we weren't looking in the right places.

He added the word more to his list of words he can say, which is great in our opinion. Hopefully this will reduce the crying at meals. Hope everyone has an enjoyable Easter tomorrow.

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