Sunday, April 27, 2008

Busy Life

It's been over a week since my last post, and that's because life's been busy! I joined a softball league for the summer and our first game was last Wednesday. I haven't played since high school (nine years) so my body was sore for days after, but it was a lot of fun. So much fun that I never bothered to find out if we won, which was the first thing Darrin asked me when I got home. Thursday was spent enjoying a dinner at church bells' practice. We performed 4 songs last Sunday at church. One song used a technique called singing bells, which is when you rotate a wooden dowel around the outside of the bell to make it sing. It's kinda like playing the water glasses with the tips of your fingers. Friday was scrapbooking/Wii night with our best friends. It's a weekly tradition. This week we broke down and bought a Cricut for scrapbooking. It's a little machine that cuts out die letters and shapes for our pages. This weekend was spent catching up on reading, yard work, and quilting. I've got my April UFO almost done for my online quilt group. All that I need to do is attach the binding.

Ian's been sick this weekend with a raspy cough in his chest. He's started saying please when we he wants more to eat and he puts his arms up in the "so big" pose and says touchdown. It is so cute. Hopefully the Packers will have lots of touchdowns come September so he can put it to use. He had a blast today playing with all the fabric I had lying around; pulling it out of the containers and spreading them all over the couch. We had spaghetti tonight, and he still refuses to eat marinara sauce. I'll leave you with my favorite picture from this week.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring Time

The weather was perfect today for working outside. With my mom and dad visiting, it was also great for putting them to work :) We planted my spring bulbs, a new lilac bush, and planned out my vegetable garden. I've always loved planting my flowers in the spring and putting the mulch down. Everything looks so neat and pretty. It was great having all that help, too! After dinner, I dropped everyone off at the park and ran some errands. They left the park and Ian was determined to walk all the way home- on his own. Luckily I caught up to them about 2 blocks from the park. Ian was pooped, but didn't want anything to do with getting carried.

Tomorrow is the baby shower for my co-worker. We're playing games I've never played before, such as baby name scattergories, tummy size, and present bingo. Should be lots of fun. With such a busy weekend and visitors, not much of anything else happening. Looking forward to next week being over. It's testing time for the students at school, which I think is worse for the teachers than the students. Have a great Sunday everyone!

Monday, April 14, 2008

"Spring" break

I returned to work today after what was supposed to be 'spring' break last week. I'm not sure how it can be termed that when we saw snow fall all day on Friday. Luckily, the ground was warm enough, and none stuck. First time I ever remember seeing snow fall in April. The break sure went fast, too. My to-do list is the same length it was before break. Here's how I spent my spring break:
~Listening to my son read stories. Notice the one sock on/off. I'm amazed there's one still one. He pulled things out of drawers and towels off of the oven all week.

~Playing ball. Ian would walk across the room and we'd roll it back and forth. Crazy thing about the ball, though, it doesn't roll straight. Ian would end up chasing it, and then walk right back over to play again.
~Building block towers for Ian to knock down.

This week will be a crazy one. Mom and Dad are coming here on Thursday (Mom's birthday). All she wanted was to spend it with her (only) grandson, so they're baby-sitting all day Friday. Better get busy cleaning the house! Hopefully I'll have a bit of time to squeeze in some quilting, even if it's just fabric washing and ironing. Oh, and I've got a book due at the library Friday that I have to get read sometime, too. Finished a good one over spring break- Still Summer.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

See Dick and Jane

I'm a couple days into spring break now and I've gotten a good start on my quilt. I'm making a lap size Dick and Jane quilt for one of my co-workers. She's retiring from teaching after 30 years and collects Dick and Jane books. She's my mentor and I'm going to be so lost without her next year. Here's just a bit of the overall quilt.

Those spaces where you can see my lovely carpet, that's where blocks of another fabric are going to go. I bought the fabric and it is really white compared to the other blocks, so I've got to go buy the cream version (which is what I thought I bought in the first place) I'm sure I can work that yard into another quilt or baby project. However, what am I to do with these scraps?
This is what remains of the fabric I had to fussy cut. There are whole images remaining, but not enough space around them to use in the quilt. Some of the images are really close to the edge, not leaving a fourth of an inch, so I'm not exactly sure I could use them in another quilt, either. Any ideas as to what I could do? I'd hate to see this much fabric just sit in my scrap drawer unused.

I'm hoping to get to the quilt store this afternoon so I can work tomorrow on filling in those holes.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Life's about to get...

Wild! At least that's what baby shower invites say I worked on tonight. One of my co-workers is having her first baby, and some of us at work are throwing her a shower. We got together tonight to make the invitations for her shower. It took 4 hours, but I think they were really cute.

I got my March UFO finished. It's just taken forever to get a picture up. Next up was #2 on the list, my February wall hanging.

And life could get wild this coming week as it's spring break at work. Time to spend with my wild son, quilting, and scrap booking. I just may get crazy and finish a quilt top... we'll just have to see :)