Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring Time

The weather was perfect today for working outside. With my mom and dad visiting, it was also great for putting them to work :) We planted my spring bulbs, a new lilac bush, and planned out my vegetable garden. I've always loved planting my flowers in the spring and putting the mulch down. Everything looks so neat and pretty. It was great having all that help, too! After dinner, I dropped everyone off at the park and ran some errands. They left the park and Ian was determined to walk all the way home- on his own. Luckily I caught up to them about 2 blocks from the park. Ian was pooped, but didn't want anything to do with getting carried.

Tomorrow is the baby shower for my co-worker. We're playing games I've never played before, such as baby name scattergories, tummy size, and present bingo. Should be lots of fun. With such a busy weekend and visitors, not much of anything else happening. Looking forward to next week being over. It's testing time for the students at school, which I think is worse for the teachers than the students. Have a great Sunday everyone!


Connie said...

Oh! veggie graden! I can't wait to get mine in too! Right now my chives are coming up and my rhubarb too. Can't wait to get planting--but I won't be getting help from my folks--they plant a mammoth garden of their own!

Moneik said...

I hated testing week too. I know it is really hard on teachers and students.