Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quilty Things

This week has been a bit crazy. Ian and I have had Vacation Bible School every morning, and I've been busy in the afternoons preparing for vacation. Darrin and I leave Saturday to travel to Montana with our best friends for a week, and we're leaving Ian with his grandparents. We'll be staying in a cabin near Glacier National Park and are driving up there. To make the trip as cheap as possible, we've been busy making and freezing food to just prepare up there. I have had a bit of time to get a few things sewn before we head up there, though.
The item on the left is a changing pad for Ian that folds up and goes in his diaper bag. The white material is soft for him to lay on but is fairly waterproof, and I backed it with the Dick and Jane fabric. The bag on the right holds diapers and wipes and should be a lot easier to grab when we're headed places that don't require the whole diaper bag to go along. Both patterns came from Art to Heart Windsome Baby.
I finished a block for my Shadow Play quilt. It will probably be the last square I complete for awhile. They take a long time to assemble. I'm going to have to work on getting all the small triangles sewn together so that they make a straight diagonal line without having to be ripped out 10 times before I get them straight. I also have a bit of a problem sewing the big triangles on so that when I iron them back, they line up with the other blocks to make a square and not a skewed square. I think with a bit of practice I'll get it (or at least that's my hope).

I hope everyone has a great few weeks. If we find a place with internet connection, I'll try to get some pictures of Montana posted, but for sure when we get back. I should hopefully have some quilt things to show as well, as Marlena and I have big plans to work on our Rachel's Reel hand appliqué blocks in the car on the way and sitting on the big porch at night.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Smartie Pants

Ian is bound and determined to do things how Darrin and I do them, which is not necessarily the safest way for a 16-month-old to do things. I guess he picked this weekend to show us how big he is. He drank all of his water and wanted more, so he walked over to the fridge and raised his cup to try and get some from out of the water dispenser. Good thing it has a locking mechanism on it. I had plugged in the vacuum to sweep the floor, and when I was done, he walked over and unplugged it from the wall. Luckily we installed the switchplates that rotate closed when nothing's plugged in. That didn't stop him from trying to plug it back in anyway- or from turning the vacuum on. When it was bath time last night, he beat Darrin into his room to get his towel from where we keep it. He's also pretty much feeding himself with a spoon now. Not completely neat, but tends to use it more than his fingers. Ian has also decided he wants to go down the stairs like us- walking instead of sitting. We've tried many times to show him how to sit and go down, or to slide down on his tummy, and he wanted nothing to do with it. So he walks down, which works well when we have the spindles for him to hold onto. When they're aren't any, he waits for you to hold his hand, and he walks down.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Father's Day

It was a few days early, but Ian gave Darrin his Father's Day present today. He got him Mario Kart for the Wii. It took quite a bit of hunting to come up with it, and I got the last one Wal-Mart had. He's busy playing it as I type this. He's taking advantage of the Wi-Fi connection and playing against people from all over the US. It's pretty darn cool.

Ian and I went to the zoo again this morning. Didn't stay too long, as it was starting to get crowded. The College World Series starts this weekend, and that part of town gets taken over by all the baseball people, so no more trips for awhile. It's actually the perfect time for it because we have VBS all next week at church, and the following week Ian will be staying with his grandparents as Darrin and I are going to Montana with Marlena and Noah. Ian enjoyed the tigers today at the zoo, just watching them walk from one side of their cage to the other.

We had pancakes for dinner tonight, and Ian got in on helping make them. It's the first time we've had him "help" and he didn't like it so much when we took the batter away from him.

We bought Ian some Lego Duplo blocks recently and he isn't too keen on putting them together, but he loves taking apart what we build. He also loves piling them on the top of his slide.

Last night we spent about 3 hours in the basement because the sirens were going off in town. We were lucky, but folks around us weren't. My prayers go out to those at the Scout Camp not far from here.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Darrin's hometown (and where I attended school) of Elkader is having the worst flood in history right now. This is the 2nd flood this year. It's a town fairly used to flooding, not that it gets any easier to deal with. My senior year we started and ended our softball season on a diamond other than our home diamond because it was under water. My dad said that the girls have yet to play a game on their diamond this year (the softball season starts in May and runs until August). Darrin's aunt emailed us these pictures and just thought I'd share. In the email she sent, she said flood stage is 12 feet and they were over 28 feet this morning.

Part of Main Street- it houses many businesses including a bank, the only grocery, fire station, and wellness center.

Catholic Church- it has never made it to the parking lot before

One of the banks in town

Main City Park- has a campground, the high school baseball field, and the city swimming pool

Monday, June 9, 2008


The weather has been crazy here. We had to head to the basement at 2:30 am on Sunday. Ian sat dazed for a bit, but then began to play. Luckily the tornado in Omaha was south of our house and nobody in Omaha was hurt. Tonight I was sitting in the basement working on my quilt and heard thunder. I opened the door to outside to have a look and it was freezing out, and the sky was this strange orange color, was thundering and lightening, and there was a rainbow to boot. Strangest thing. It was lightening in this cloud I captured, and the picture just looks like a normal sunset.

I took a break from cutting (I only have 3 purples to go!) and matched up my greens with the tans. I think they look pretty good, and can't wait to sew them together (once I get my sewing table cleaned off...)

Ian climbed up onto our couch this weekend all on his own, and had a blast walking from one end to the other, with Darrin and I close by to spot him.

Friday, June 6, 2008


It seems like forever since I last posted- and I really have no excuses. I was on the computer daily checking out Ree, my email, and reading the blogs in the Prolific Quilter Blog Ring, but there never seemed to be anything really happening in my life. Then I sat to write this, and I realized there was a lot that went on, so forgive me for the long post. I'm amazed Ian's grandparents haven't gone crazy as this is the main form of picture/video updates for them.

So the last time I posted was Memorial Day. I spent Tues-Thurs cleaning up my classroom for the summer, except for Wed. afternoon. Wednesday I had to spend 3 hours listening to a speaker on getting kids to be great writers (or something like that). While I'm sure the speaker is a very nice, knowledgeable person, my brain was on summer vacation, not what I need to do next year.

Friday, May 30- Ian had his 15-month check-up. He'd had a wicked cough and purred like a tiger, so I was glad we had this scheduled. He always seems to come down with something right before his doctor's appointment and we end up making two visits. Thankfully not this time. He's still really tall for his age, but he's not so chubby anymore. That could possibly be because he's in constant motion. He did have a slight ear infection, but other than that, he looks great.

Saturday, May 31- DATE NIGHT! Darrin and I went on a date for my mother's day present. It was only our 3rd one since Ian's been born. We go out all the time (restaurants, shopping, friends, etc), but we usually just take him. We went out for dinner to Village Inn, because we didn't have time for my choice of P.F. Chang's (which is okay, because Darrin promised me we could go another time- yes, another date night!). Then we went to the Funnybone Comedy Club to see Josh Blue. He was on Last Comic Standing last year I think. He was hilarious, as was his opening act, Hippie Man.

Before we went, though, I went to Country Sampler to buy some fabrics. Tomorrow we were having our monthly quilting get-together and I had nothing to work on. Luckily, my American Patchwork and Quilting magazine had come earlier that week and I fell in love with this quilt. The only problem is that is has 36 different fabrics. It took about 3 hours, and the help of 2 store employees before I walked out of there- with only 34 fabrics. I love the high of starting something new and leaving with a big bag of fabric.

Sunday, June 1- Quilting Day at Marlena's. I got over there about 10 and started cutting fabric for the quilt. My original plan was to cut a little, then sew, but once I started, I decided just to keep going (and I'm still going...). I left her place with all of my tan fabric cut. I know it doesn't look like a lot, but it took forever.
We always invite our families to join us for supper on quilting day, so Ian and Darrin came over. Before they joined us, though, they took advantage of our zoo membership and went to the zoo. Ian got really worn out.

Marlena and Noah are Ian's godparents, and they had their pool set up in the backyard and had bubbles for him to play with. It was his first time ever playing with them, and he had so much fun. Looks like we're going to have to go buy some for home.

Monday brought around my first full week off of work. Ian and I have had lots of fun. We go for walks every morning before it gets too hot. Darrin usually comes home and joins us for lunch. Wednesday morning Ian and I went to the zoo. I'm going to try to take him once a week, because it gets us out of the house and gives us something to do. I haven't made much progress on cutting the quilt fabric. It's boring, and when Ian sleeps, I play the Wii. I don't turn the TV on when he's awake (although he loves to grab the remote and turn it on himself), so I try to work on the quilt then, so I can play when he sleeps. Good thing I'm close to beating Zelda. Hopefully beating it will satisfy me enough to put the Wii remote away for awhile. I posted a crazy sleeping position picture last week, and I've got another one.

I'm not sure I could bend my body like this. He's sleeping right in the corner of his crib and has his body bent around it. The picture doesn't make it look quite as uncomfortable as it looked in person. Darrin said it best the other night, "Whoever said sleep like a baby should have said sleep like a toddler." Hope you all have a restful night.


Where did it go?

Wow, two posts in one day :) We play this game with Ian all the time- take something he's playing with and hide it. Then ask him, "Where did it go?" Needless to say, he quickly mastered the concept of object permanence. The phrase "Where did it go?" has now become the first complete sentence he can say, and boy does he love saying it. He will purposely hide things so he can look at Darrin or me and ask us that phrase. For example, yesterday at breakfast he put his cup over one of his Cheerios and asked Darrin "Where did it go?" Today he was playing with Darrin's guitar pick and held two closed fists out to me, asking, "Where did it go?" The other day he had one of his cars in his hand, and he put his hands behind his back so he could ask that question. And then there was yesterday, when he did this:

To me, what's even more crazy than my soon-to-be-16-month-old saying a sentence is the fact that he knows to put his hands up and shrug his shoulders. The next sentence Darrin is working on with him is, "Mama, puppy please?" He can say all of those words separately, so it's probably only a matter of time. And it's so hard not to give in when he says please....