Friday, June 6, 2008


It seems like forever since I last posted- and I really have no excuses. I was on the computer daily checking out Ree, my email, and reading the blogs in the Prolific Quilter Blog Ring, but there never seemed to be anything really happening in my life. Then I sat to write this, and I realized there was a lot that went on, so forgive me for the long post. I'm amazed Ian's grandparents haven't gone crazy as this is the main form of picture/video updates for them.

So the last time I posted was Memorial Day. I spent Tues-Thurs cleaning up my classroom for the summer, except for Wed. afternoon. Wednesday I had to spend 3 hours listening to a speaker on getting kids to be great writers (or something like that). While I'm sure the speaker is a very nice, knowledgeable person, my brain was on summer vacation, not what I need to do next year.

Friday, May 30- Ian had his 15-month check-up. He'd had a wicked cough and purred like a tiger, so I was glad we had this scheduled. He always seems to come down with something right before his doctor's appointment and we end up making two visits. Thankfully not this time. He's still really tall for his age, but he's not so chubby anymore. That could possibly be because he's in constant motion. He did have a slight ear infection, but other than that, he looks great.

Saturday, May 31- DATE NIGHT! Darrin and I went on a date for my mother's day present. It was only our 3rd one since Ian's been born. We go out all the time (restaurants, shopping, friends, etc), but we usually just take him. We went out for dinner to Village Inn, because we didn't have time for my choice of P.F. Chang's (which is okay, because Darrin promised me we could go another time- yes, another date night!). Then we went to the Funnybone Comedy Club to see Josh Blue. He was on Last Comic Standing last year I think. He was hilarious, as was his opening act, Hippie Man.

Before we went, though, I went to Country Sampler to buy some fabrics. Tomorrow we were having our monthly quilting get-together and I had nothing to work on. Luckily, my American Patchwork and Quilting magazine had come earlier that week and I fell in love with this quilt. The only problem is that is has 36 different fabrics. It took about 3 hours, and the help of 2 store employees before I walked out of there- with only 34 fabrics. I love the high of starting something new and leaving with a big bag of fabric.

Sunday, June 1- Quilting Day at Marlena's. I got over there about 10 and started cutting fabric for the quilt. My original plan was to cut a little, then sew, but once I started, I decided just to keep going (and I'm still going...). I left her place with all of my tan fabric cut. I know it doesn't look like a lot, but it took forever.
We always invite our families to join us for supper on quilting day, so Ian and Darrin came over. Before they joined us, though, they took advantage of our zoo membership and went to the zoo. Ian got really worn out.

Marlena and Noah are Ian's godparents, and they had their pool set up in the backyard and had bubbles for him to play with. It was his first time ever playing with them, and he had so much fun. Looks like we're going to have to go buy some for home.

Monday brought around my first full week off of work. Ian and I have had lots of fun. We go for walks every morning before it gets too hot. Darrin usually comes home and joins us for lunch. Wednesday morning Ian and I went to the zoo. I'm going to try to take him once a week, because it gets us out of the house and gives us something to do. I haven't made much progress on cutting the quilt fabric. It's boring, and when Ian sleeps, I play the Wii. I don't turn the TV on when he's awake (although he loves to grab the remote and turn it on himself), so I try to work on the quilt then, so I can play when he sleeps. Good thing I'm close to beating Zelda. Hopefully beating it will satisfy me enough to put the Wii remote away for awhile. I posted a crazy sleeping position picture last week, and I've got another one.

I'm not sure I could bend my body like this. He's sleeping right in the corner of his crib and has his body bent around it. The picture doesn't make it look quite as uncomfortable as it looked in person. Darrin said it best the other night, "Whoever said sleep like a baby should have said sleep like a toddler." Hope you all have a restful night.



BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

What quilt are you making with all that tan? Just curious....

Moneik said...

Sounds like you had fun at Country Sampler. I loved that quilt shop when I was in Omaha a couple years ago. We decided to forgo it and went to one in IA instead when we came by on I-29. I should have insisted we go into Omaha, but oh well. i got to go to a lot of quilt shops.