Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quilty Things

This week has been a bit crazy. Ian and I have had Vacation Bible School every morning, and I've been busy in the afternoons preparing for vacation. Darrin and I leave Saturday to travel to Montana with our best friends for a week, and we're leaving Ian with his grandparents. We'll be staying in a cabin near Glacier National Park and are driving up there. To make the trip as cheap as possible, we've been busy making and freezing food to just prepare up there. I have had a bit of time to get a few things sewn before we head up there, though.
The item on the left is a changing pad for Ian that folds up and goes in his diaper bag. The white material is soft for him to lay on but is fairly waterproof, and I backed it with the Dick and Jane fabric. The bag on the right holds diapers and wipes and should be a lot easier to grab when we're headed places that don't require the whole diaper bag to go along. Both patterns came from Art to Heart Windsome Baby.
I finished a block for my Shadow Play quilt. It will probably be the last square I complete for awhile. They take a long time to assemble. I'm going to have to work on getting all the small triangles sewn together so that they make a straight diagonal line without having to be ripped out 10 times before I get them straight. I also have a bit of a problem sewing the big triangles on so that when I iron them back, they line up with the other blocks to make a square and not a skewed square. I think with a bit of practice I'll get it (or at least that's my hope).

I hope everyone has a great few weeks. If we find a place with internet connection, I'll try to get some pictures of Montana posted, but for sure when we get back. I should hopefully have some quilt things to show as well, as Marlena and I have big plans to work on our Rachel's Reel hand appliqué blocks in the car on the way and sitting on the big porch at night.


Moneik said...

Have a great time in Glacier! We were thinking about going there for our honeymoon, but changed our minds. If you need a break in Rapid City, check out the Quilt Corral Too, just off exit 58, take a left and it's the first left (by taco johns, and up the hill, in the same building as the Sewing Center.

Anonymous said...

Love the block. All the points are so nice!

Amelia said...

This block looks lazy points that I can see.

Have fun on vacation.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Love the blocks! They look great!

Deb A said...

Love the changing pad, is it from a pattern? Great block, that will be a beautiful quilt. Enjoy the vacation.

Connie said...

Love the block! Hope you have a great time in Montana!