Sunday, June 15, 2008

Smartie Pants

Ian is bound and determined to do things how Darrin and I do them, which is not necessarily the safest way for a 16-month-old to do things. I guess he picked this weekend to show us how big he is. He drank all of his water and wanted more, so he walked over to the fridge and raised his cup to try and get some from out of the water dispenser. Good thing it has a locking mechanism on it. I had plugged in the vacuum to sweep the floor, and when I was done, he walked over and unplugged it from the wall. Luckily we installed the switchplates that rotate closed when nothing's plugged in. That didn't stop him from trying to plug it back in anyway- or from turning the vacuum on. When it was bath time last night, he beat Darrin into his room to get his towel from where we keep it. He's also pretty much feeding himself with a spoon now. Not completely neat, but tends to use it more than his fingers. Ian has also decided he wants to go down the stairs like us- walking instead of sitting. We've tried many times to show him how to sit and go down, or to slide down on his tummy, and he wanted nothing to do with it. So he walks down, which works well when we have the spindles for him to hold onto. When they're aren't any, he waits for you to hold his hand, and he walks down.


Michelle said...

Oh, I just love kids at that age! Waht a good job he does!

Hazel said...

He's a very independent little man ,at that age mom really does need eyes in the back of her head LOL

Michele said...

Count yourself lucky he's modeling *good* behavior. My small man (3.5) wants to do everything his brother (almost 10) and sister (12) do, which can be REALLY inappropriate. Aaaannndd can drive them nuts.