Friday, June 6, 2008

Where did it go?

Wow, two posts in one day :) We play this game with Ian all the time- take something he's playing with and hide it. Then ask him, "Where did it go?" Needless to say, he quickly mastered the concept of object permanence. The phrase "Where did it go?" has now become the first complete sentence he can say, and boy does he love saying it. He will purposely hide things so he can look at Darrin or me and ask us that phrase. For example, yesterday at breakfast he put his cup over one of his Cheerios and asked Darrin "Where did it go?" Today he was playing with Darrin's guitar pick and held two closed fists out to me, asking, "Where did it go?" The other day he had one of his cars in his hand, and he put his hands behind his back so he could ask that question. And then there was yesterday, when he did this:

To me, what's even more crazy than my soon-to-be-16-month-old saying a sentence is the fact that he knows to put his hands up and shrug his shoulders. The next sentence Darrin is working on with him is, "Mama, puppy please?" He can say all of those words separately, so it's probably only a matter of time. And it's so hard not to give in when he says please....

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BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

He is just adorable. I just wanna squeeze him till his little head pops off. Ok...that isn't exactly what I mean....but you know what I mean. And just think...what a lady killer he's gonna be in just a few short years. Oh man...Just such a cutie....