Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Toy

It has arrived! We got our new Nikon D60 Digital SLR today. It came with a ton of accessories; though I'm not sure what all of them are or if we'll really use them. It included a tripod, SD card, lens cleaner, flash, some lenses and filters, a backpack, and a briefcase, and more stuff I'm really not sure what it is. I feel like more of a photographer than I really am. Here's a picture of everything piled on the table (minus the actual camera, I'm using it...)

Darrin and I had to try it out on our favorite subject and the reason we bought the camera: Ian.

Sad Ian

Tired Ian

Deer-in-headlights Ian

Happy Ian

1 comment:

Amelia said...

He is such a cute boy...absolutely perfect model for your new camera.