Friday, July 18, 2008


So other than quilting, I like to scrapbook. The problem is dividing my time between these and everything else I love. Marlena and I had devoted Friday nights to scrapping, but summer came and other things took over. Well, I had an in-service on Wednesday for work and it really hit home how close the school year is to starting again (groan). It also made me realize how behind I am on my summer to-do list. I want to finish the Dick and Jane quilt (the top is done, so I'm close), I want to re-do my math curriculum before the school year, I want to transfer all Marlena's VCR tapes to DVDs for her, and I want to get Ian's scrapbook complete through his first year.

Here's my hold-up for scrapbooking. Unlike a quilt where I have a pattern to follow and have an idea of what the outcome will be, I don't have that for scrapbooking necessarily. I constantly second guess myself; does that look right, are those the right colors, is that placement good... so I look for pages I like in magazines and such and usually scraplift from there. It takes me forever to finish a page- Marlena would get at least three done on a Friday night and I would be glad if I got half done. This will probably be the hardest goal for me to meet this summer (of which there are only 3.5 weeks left of). Here's the page I did:
Darrin snapped these four pictures one day while Ian was laying on his lap. The top-left is still one of my favorites to this day. The pictures are of when Ian was 3-months-old. That's how far behind I am. It's ridiculous. I won't get caught up this weekend, either, as we're headed to the Quad Cities to spend the weekend with my extended family. I'm looking forward to it, as well as next weekend when I go on a 4-day quilt trip across Iowa with 3 friends. I plan on getting the backing for the Dick and Jane quilt on the trip so I can finish it when we get back. Have a great weekend everyone.


Amelia said...

I used to scrapbook also..I was like you - it would take me forever to decide on the lay-out etc. I could spend hours on a double page layout. Now I do a blog with the same it is not fancy - but the words are there and pictures still tell the same story. The expense of the items I spent - wow I don't want to think about it now. of course, we won't discull the cost of fabric in quilting either.

Your baby is so cute...

Stay cool this weekend!

Amelia in Oklahoma

Hazel said...

The pictures of the baby are just to cute ,he has such a jolly appearance about him .Thanks for sharing it made me smile .
Scrap booking ,we don't talk about that in this house :-) I have a closet full of stuff and hate to pull it out ,its just to messy .Maybe if I keep it hid, hubby will stop reminding me how much money I spent on it .A girl can dream .

Deb A said...

Hmm... I am like you with deciding how to put things together on the pages. I have a book for Aidan that I haven't started yet.... maybe this winter. Good luck getting your list of things done before school starts... although it sounds like you are getting the important things in, like taking Ian to the zoo!
Great job on the scrapbook page.