Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Reading Books

One reason I don't get a lot done around the house is I get completely engrossed in a book and I can't put it down until I finish it. I become obsessive. All I can think about is finishing the book. That's how I know the difference between a book I love and one I don't; the one's I don't I can put down for a few days before I return to. Two days ago I was obsessed with James Patterson's book Sunday's at Tiffany's. He had such an interesting point of view as to how imaginary friends come into your life, and their impact on your future (it's a total romance story). Better than his interesting view is the fact that he uses my first and last name in the book. I was so struck by seeing my name in the book I had to run and show it to Darrin, who, of course, didn't think it was nearly as cool as I did.

Ian is also obsessed with books, particularly the book Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. Darrin and I have it memorized we have read it to him so many times. For awhile now, he's been "reading" the pages of the words he knows when we read to him, those pages that say, "No, please, buh-bye". He pulled his book off the shelf last night and started reading to himself. When he would get to the red page where the pigeon gets really mad because he can't drive the bus, Ian's voice would go up and get loud. I swear on the page that says, "True story" Ian was trying to say it as he kept saying "Oooooooo". But the kicker for Darrin and I was as he was flipping through the book, not in any order, he came across the page that says "Vroom-vroom-vroomy-vroom-vroom" and without any prompt, Ian goes- Vroom. Darrin and I looked at each other in shock. It's so amazing to us how quickly Ian picks up words and says words we haven't really worked on, like Vroom, meow, and lion. Here's Ian reading a bedtime story for you:


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I'm tellin' ya....there's not a cuter kid alive! He's just so adorable. I love it when you put his pics and videos on here....
Count your blessings....
Did you notice I didn't mention sqeezing him til his head pops off? Giggle!

Deb A said...

That is so neat, I can't wait until Aidan does that! Thanks for leaving a comment on my naps but I do fall asleep on the couch around 8!

Oma Jill said...

Hi Colleen,
I just come across your blog. I love the pictures of Ian, he is adorable. I have a 2yr grandson, he too loves books! One of his favorites is a book of the fifty states. It is a neat book, I've learned a few things myself!
I also can relate with you on becoming engrossed in a book. I am going on vacation to Cape Cod, San Francisco and Orlando in Oct. and I hope to finish a lot of Catherine Coulter's novels. I have almost all of her books in sequence. I find an author I like and then I buy all their books and read them in sequence. When I am done I am hoping to put the complete novels on eBay.
I hope to stop by and read your blogs regularly!