Monday, August 11, 2008


With work starting up again tomorrow, I'll be running around town; commuting to work, picking up Ian, running errands in-between. What better way to run around town than with a runaround bag.

The pattern is by Lazy Girl Designs and it was so easy to put together. Took about 2 hours and only two fat quarters. Super-Duper Easy. I may need to get the Miranda pattern. Thought I'd have no use for a bag that big, but with school starting, I may need a new bag to take schoolwork home in.

Apparently I took too long making dinner last night...
Ian asked for a towel and curled up at the table. He's been dragging the blankets around in the basement and asking to rock-a-bye with a blanket before bed, so I'm finally getting some use out of the quilt I made him.

Dinner must have revitalized him, though, because he and Darrin played peek-a-boo with the banister afterwards.


Moneik said...

What a cutie! He's just so adorable. I love your runaround bag. I'm sure you'll use it a lot. I made 5 last week for our quilt show trip and the girls loved them.

Hazel said...

Isn't that always the way mention bed to little ones and suddenly they are wide awake .He's a doll, Do you pronounce his name Ian or Ean .I only ask because I have a brother and we pronounce his Ian .
You did a great job on the bag .