Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary...

How does your garden grow, because Darrin and I need some advice. We were working outside this morning in the yard, and Darrin was trimming our shrub. This is definitely not something he enjoys doing, but he hates picking up the trimmings from the ground more, so that's my job. We've never been fond of this shrub, and every time we trim it, I mention digging it out (because it really is an ugly shrub). Today, he finally got sick of it and took me up on my offer.

Getting the small stuff wasn't too bad, but getting the root system out was a pain! At one point, we joked about just leaving it like it was (short little sticks shooting into the air). Little did we know that the digging part would be easier than picking up all the trimmings from the ground. Six lawn bags and two bundles later, we were finished and exhausted.

So, now we have this bare spot in our front flower bed. I'm not sure whether I should just wait til next spring and extend my tulips, irises, and calla lillies all the way to the end of the bed, or if I should put in another type of bush. We want something that will look nice, but does not require one to have a green thumb or require multiple trimmings a year (oh, and I hate evergreen, so that's out). Any ideas?

Ian had fun playing in the dirt that was left. He kept calling the clumps of dirt "poo-poo" until we corrected him multiple times. He was having more fun throwing the clumps of dirt out of the flower bed. Then we put him in the flower bed and the correlation between boys and dirt became apparent. He loved picking the dirt up and putting it on the brick, but in being true his hated of things on his hands/feet, he immediately had to rub his hands off on his shirt. Still, I think he would have been content to sleep in the flower bed if we would have let him.
(please disregard his cuffed pants/rolled down waistband, as 24-months clothes are proving too big for him right now).

If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Now, I'm off to hopefully finish the scrapbooking pages I started last night.


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

My answer to the garden delima is always the same. Hosta! Any empty spaces I have, I fill with hostas. They are no maintenance and return bigger and more beautiful each year. Just an idea! Ian is adorable regardless of clothes that "fit" or not!

Nancy said...

Hi Colleen, Just saw your posting on POQ and was intrigued by your blog name, so here I am. I also like hostas, but it depends on the amount of shade. I have several back of our house that pretty much burned up this summer because they got too much sun, though I think there are some that are better in sun than others. They were all more in the shade until last summer when we cut down the 14 pine trees that separated our house from the one below us. When I saw your picture the first thing I thought of was some grass - like pampas grass of some kind. I am really wanting some of it now, it looks pretty indestructible and grows pretty quickly - adds color but isn't an evergreen. The kind I want the most apparently is not a perennial here in VA, so you might want to check to see what would be for you, because perennials are so much easier than annuals. Or, you could just continue with the plants that you already have there, especially if you could fine about the size of what is already there. Other ideas, again favorites of mine, are a hydrangea, or a crepe myrtle, or azalea. I recently found some azaleas at Lowe's, Encore I think was the name, that bloom spring, summer and fall. I didn't believe that, but ours are now blooming to beat the band!

Good luck with the yardwork - it can be neverending can't it. Your little boy is SOOO cute - enjoy him as much as you can! I see that you are a teacher - what grade?

Nancy said...

Oh, another thing about hostas - deer LOVE them - ask me how I know that!