Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

These last four days have been wonderful. We had three Thanksgivings filled with delicious food, and time spent with family we don't see very much. We took off from Omaha Wednesday night and spent Thursday noon eating with my dad's family. Ian shocked everyone with the amount of food he can eat, and he had a great time playing tractors with Connor.
After eating with dad's family we had Thanksgiving dinner with my mom's family. My grandma has 24 grandkids and 6 great-grandkids, Ian being the youngest of them. We alternate years of all of us attending either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Because most of us (and all of the great-grandkids) won't be there for Christmas, we had Christmas early. Christmas at my grandma's is an epic event, and I wouldn't change it for the world. It begins with Santa stopping by and delivering presents to all of us, and ends with opening the presents grandma and others have for us. Ian got about 12 presents to open, and he quickly learned how to say the word Santa, although he didn't want to sit on his lap. This year he learned to pull the paper off the presents, but he still wasn't obsessed with figuring out what was in them. He got lots of books, play-doh, a "laptop," some clothes, and some vehicles.

We spent the rest of the weekend enjoying time with extended family: eating breakfast with my dad's parents, lunch with my grandma, celebrating Brittney's birthday for dinner, and going to a cousin's engagement party for desserts.

We left after breakfast on Saturday, and after Ian's nap, we worked on putting up the tree. Ian had more fun playing with the ornaments on the floor, and he didn't want us to put them on the tree. He put one of them on there, but after that, didn't really want to touch the tree. Judging from his reaction, he doesn't like the feel of it. Our lights are on a remote because the plug is hard to get to, and Ian was a bit scared when we would say, "Lights on!" and the tree would turn on, and then we said, "Lights off" the tree turned off. We finally had to show him the remote and let him play with it to figure out what we were doing. Now whenever he sees the tree off, he wants it turned on.
We spent Sunday shopping for a few Christmas presents (a new vacuum and some Wii games for Darrin and me) and watched the Packers lose yet another game. We had our last Thanksgiving meal for the year on Sunday night for supper. Marlena and Noah had dinner at their house with Marlena's mom and grandma. Even though we'd had so much turkey already, we were up for eating more, and it was so yummy.

This weekend was great, and I can't wait for Christmas break to spend more time with our families.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Scrap Mania

Marlena and I spent Friday night at Archiver's for Scrap Mania. You scrapbook from 5-11, with supper and a snack included in the price. I got four pages nearly completed for Ian's book, which is double my normal finish. I usually spend most of my time trying to figure out layouts, but I actually went in with a plan this time. The first layout I did was a two-page spread from our trip to Pooley's Pumpkin Patch. All it needs is a title and journaling and I'm done.
For the next page, I emailed Darrin earlier in the day and asked him what he loved about being Ian's dad. I then copy and pasted his response to be the journaling for pictures of Ian and him this summer. I just need to add the title.The last one is one of my favorite pages of all time. The picture is of Ian's first smile, which Darrin amazingly captured, and I love the layout. I also love the fact I used a color other than green or blue for the main color. This one is completely done.

The rest of the weekend has been filled with lots of creativity,too. I'm nearly done with the middle part of the purple ocean waves blocks, and I spent 3 hours today at a friends stamping a stack of cards to use as inspiration for others.

Ian has been helping with his diaper changes for awhile; I say up and he pulls his legs up, and then I say down and he puts them down. Being the teacher I am, I said, "Up and down are opposites, Ian." Wouldn't you know, he spits out the word opposites- and it's actually pretty understandable. I also taught him "She'll be coming around the mountain." He adds the choo-choo perfectly, and even tries singing it himself- "She'll be comin' choo-choo." I am in constant amazement of how well he talks and how quickly he picks up on things. Now, if we could just get past the tantrums... those amaze me, too, but in a different way. Where does a child that age learn such aggression? I know he doesn't see it at home, and he's one of the oldest at day care, so I don't think he sees it there, either. I'll just be glad when he outgrows it.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Does it have to end?

This weekend was FANTASTIC, and as the hours of Sunday are quickly slipping away, I just wish I could have a few more days like this weekend.

The weather for Halloween on Friday night couldn't have been better for Ian's first trick-or-treating experience (it was about 60 out). Noah, Marlena, and Sara came over for supper, and then Darrin and I took Ian trick-or-treating while they stayed back at our house to hand out the candy. Ian was a moose this year. Mom and Dad bought the brown fleece outfit when they were here last and I sewed the antlers on. We went to about 6 houses on our street. He wasn't quite sure what to think, but he definitely figured out by the end that you're supposed to grab some candy and put it in your basket. At one house, Ian was concentrating on walking up the stairs and didn't realize that at the top was a man in a 'scream' outfit. Once he glimpsed him, Ian started backing down the stairs until the man stuck out the candy bowl. Ian was right back up those stairs- and that was the only person Ian said thank you to the whole night. The camera crew was ready back at our place and captured Ian's expression as the door opened. Once inside, Ian proceeded to take every piece of candy we had to hand out and put it in his basket.
Saturday I headed over to Marlena's house for quilt Saturday. I brought my Shadow Play Ocean Waves to work on, and it was nearly effortless sewing on my Janome compared to my Bernette. It is no longer frustrating to work on; I'm just amazed at how much better sewing on this machine is. I go all my half-triangle purple squares done while I was there. Now I'm in the process of squaring them up and trimming those darn little triangles off.
I left at 3:00 to meet with my bookclub from work. We only read books that are coming out as a movie. So far we've done P.S. I Love You and Nights of Rodanthe. This time it was Secret Life of Bees. Of the three we've done, this one stuck the closest to the book, and so was the most enjoyable to me. I loved the other two books, and probably would have enjoyed the movies if I hadn't read the books, but the movies just didn't compare. If you haven't seen it- go, or at least rent it when it comes out.

Today's weather continued being great, and after watching the Packers lose a close one to Tennesse, we headed outside to work in the yard. Of course, before we could work, Ian had to play in the leaves. He brought quite a few back inside the house attached to and inside his diaper (poor guy).

Thank goodness for our mulching lawn mower; after Ian's fun Darrin just mowed the lawn while I dug up my calla lily bulbs and planted some tulips that will hopefully come up in the spring. Ian helped me make apple-snicker salad for supper tonight, and got to lick the spatula when we were finished.