Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Recap

I headed back to work today. Luckily, the students don't start until tomorrow, so I had time to be productive in my classroom (although I probably would have been more productive if the heat had been working...). As the break is officially over, I figured I should recap all the wonderfulness that is was.

We had a total of SEVEN Christmases over the course of the break, and I guess you could say Ian got spoiled (he is the only grandchild on both sides...). Luckily my grandma had hers when we were there for Thanksgiving, or there was no way all of the presents would have fit in the car on the way back from Iowa. It was great spending a week back there with our family. We're not able to spend that long of a stretch back there, and really enjoyed seeing everyone (although we were ready to come home and sleep in our own beds). Instead of doing a big recap of each Christmas, I'll just share our favorite pictures from break.

Ian visits Santa at Darrin's work
Ian realizes he got cars in his stocking- he actually gasped and whispered, "Cars!"
Having fun playing cars on the Cars rug
Celebrating with his godparents
Putting his godchild ornament on the treeGetting lots of puppy kisses
Ian wearing his new Collins Packer jersey- which will get worn A LOT!!!

Helping Grandpa wash the dishes
Playing cars (and trucks, and trains, and tractors, and bus) with Grandpa on his new table
Kissing Mr. Potato Head goodnight
Getting some Grandma love
Playing Elmo piano after he'd just finished playing with his new end-loader
Sporting his "Someday I'll drive a BIG Case tractor" shirt
Playing with his little Case tractors. He calls them "Grandpa" tractors because that's what both grandpas drove and collect.
Wrestling with Daddy and cousin Mckenna

That was quite a few pictures, but considering we took over 300 during one-week's span, that's barely a sampling. Ian was definitely more into Christmas this year than last, when he was more interested in the paper. This year he tore into the presents and wanted each opened right away. He learned that Santa says, "Ho-ho" and could identify him in pictures. He also loved looking at all the lights. I can't wait to see what changes will show up next year.

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