Saturday, January 3, 2009

Where did my son go?

We've been back a for three days now from spending time in Iowa, but I'm pretty sure we've brought the wrong kid home with us. Sure, the kid who's here loves to play with cars and run crazy, but it's definitely not Ian.
Reason #1: he hasn't cleaned his plate since we've been home. He left Cherrios in his bowl- he NEVER leaves Cheerios in his bowl. Today for lunch, he only ate the cheese from his sandwich and didn't touch his bread or sweet potatoes. This is not Ian.
Reason #2 this isn't my son: he won't lay still for diaper changes, no matter what we promise he can get or do after it's done. We could always get him to lay still if we read him a book while being changed or promised a snack, but that's not working
Reason #3: We had to take him to the car twice because he was misbehaving in public. Last night we went out for dinner for Darrin's birthday- he threw a major tantrum, so he and I headed to the car. Today at Target, he wanted something, we wouldn't get it for him; Darrin took him to the car this time. Aside from these major tantrums, he's having a lot of small ones, too, and is whining about things that have never bothered him before.

The boy home here with me is doing a pretty good job of imitating Ian, but there's enough weird stuff going on to let me know it's not him. I hope the real Ian comes home soon. He is a much happier boy, making me a much happier mommy.

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