Sunday, March 29, 2009


This weekend has been great (as most weekend usually are). My parents were chilling at my house when I got home from work Friday, but I wasn't able to visit with them very long. Marlena and I threw our friend Sara a surprise 30th birthday party. It went off beautifully. She thought she was coming to eat dinner with my family, but instead, she ate with her parents, who came down from Iowa, and she had friends come in from Des Moines and Chicago. She wasn't expecting a thing and was speechless she was so surprised. We held it at the Farmhouse, where the food is always delicious (especially the Ho-Ho cake!).

While I was busy at the party, Ian was apparently busy learning how to somersault, and I missed his first successful solo attempt. I'm sure there will be plenty more for me to see.

We spent Saturday morning at the Children's Museum. Mom and Dad had a blast watching Ian run around to all the different places. Ian had fun dragging them everywhere. Before stopping by the museum, though, we went to the train park (not realizing how freaking cold out it was).

At the museum, Ian had a great time in the ball room, throwing the balls into the bins and watching them travel to the collection area, and then standing under the collection area when it opened.

Then there was driving the fire truck. He drove it for quite awhile.
And playing with the oversized light bright (I loved mine as a kid... I may have to reclaim that from mom and dad).

Ian was a Grandpa's boy all weekend. Ian convinced Grandpa to play cars, trains, and dominoes non-stop. All he had to say was, "Ganpa, play me" and Grandpa would jump. Ian had him wrapped around his pinky finger the minute he saw him. We got Ian a sandbox today, and he spent nearly 3 straight hours playing in it. Of course, he wanted Grandpa to play with him. Grandpa, however, didn't want to get dirty, so it proved to make his body a bit sore. They had a blast, though. I was surprised Ian played with it for that long. When he first started, he would barely touch it because he hated the feeling of it on his hands. He still doesn't stick his hands in it, and if he got it on his clothes, he had to brush it off immediately. He would drive his Catepillars and dig in it, though.

I did make some quilt progress this weekend. I finished my March wallhanging UFO. It will hang on the wall for a whopping three days, as I actually have April's done.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weird Weather

We've had some weird weather lately, and if the extended forecast holds true, it may get weirder. Guess that's normal for Nebraska in March. The weather at the end of last week was gorgeous- near or above 70. While I was working late for parent-teacher conferences, my boys were having a blast here at home. Ian wore his sun glasses for the first extended amount of time, and seemed to have a blast while wearing them.

Things took a bit of a turn tonight though, as sirens sounded and hail fell from the sky. Quite a bit of it accumulated where my crocus were open just a few hours earlier. What once looked like this:
was shortly covered in ice. The big pile in the corner wasn't placed there, it was like that when I looked outside.
And for this weekend, they're forecasting snow- one week after we were in the 70's. CRAZY!

Saturday was National Quilting Day, so I HAD to touch fabric that day. I worked more on my March wall hanging. All that's left if for it to be quilted. I pushed it to the side, though, as one of my friends turns 30 at the end of the month, and I figured I should probably get working on her gift. Here's a peak at the fabric. I'll post a final picture once it's finished and gifted.
Better get to work on finishing it!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring has Arrived

The weather turned very warm this weekend, and we took full advantage of it. I cleaned out my flower beds and had three of my crocus open today. We played outside a lot, too. Ian broke in his t-ball set he got for his birthday. We told him to use two hands so often that eventually every time he would grab the bat, he would tell himself, "Use two hands." He would grip it with two hands, but usually hold the bat upside down. I think next we have to work on, "Keep your eyes on the ball."
Here's an exert from our weekend:
Me: Ian, what are you doing? (he's around the corner and I can't see him)
Ian: Pooping
Me: Want to go potty?
Ian: Nope
Oh, I can't wait for him to be ready for that. I'm sick of poopy diapers.

With the temperature warming up, our thoughts turn towards summer vacation. This year we're planning a road trip through Missouri with Marlena and Noah. We just have to figure out when we're going, what we're going to do, where we're going to stay... I'm also trying to plan a quilting weekend back home for all my family and friends. I'd like to do it at a place we could sleep, eat, and sew. Trying to locate a place that we will all fit without being too expensive is harder than I thought it would be.

I got time to quilt this weekend and got the center squares done for Shadow Play. Once I got the center laid out I started sewing the rows together. Got three squares into it and got frustrated with how my seams are lining up. I think it was telling me to finish up other things on my March To-Do list instead of working on it. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

I won't have too much time to work on the list until this weekend. We have parent-teacher conferences tomorrow and Thursday, so no nights at home until Friday. Hopefully I'll have some progress to post.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sense of accomplishment

What a productive weekend. Quilt day was Saturday, and even though we didn't get started until noon, I feel like I made GREAT progress and actually accomplished something. I got the front of my March wallhanging done- it just needs to be sandwiched and quilted, and that shouldn't take too long. It may get pushed to the backburner, though, as the end is in sight for the Ocean Waves blocks. I've been working on this quilt for too long, and it keeps getting set aside because I get fed up with how the blocks are going together. Not this time, though. The blocks were going together beautifully. I only have 2 green blocks and 5 purple blocks left. I feel like finishing them up while things are still going well or I may jinx it. My goal is to get them done by the end of the week.

Earlier in the week I finished up the March BOM for guild. I believe it's called Amish Rose.
We had everyone over on Friday as usual. It was nearly 60 outside, so we grilled brats- Yum! I finished up a scrapbook page on how Ian loves to run crazy in the house.

This last week at school was teacher-appreciation week. As always, our support staff and administration went out of their way to make the week special. On Tuesday we got an extra-long lunch with food donated by a student's family; Thursday Old Chicago donated pizzas, and on Friday we had the biggest breakfast buffet I had ever seen. Also, our principal let us leave early one day of the week. I used my early leave to FINALLY get my haircut (the last time I had it cut was in August). It's super short for me, but everyone says it looks great, and I'm starting to actually believe them.

Off to work on those quilt squares...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Month, and Hopefully...

new ambition. I put a lot of energy into Ian's birthday party, and when it was done, I really didn't do much the rest of the month. I'm hoping to change that in March. I posted a goals list in January and it really helped me stay motivated, so hopefully the list for March will work the same way.

I did get two more scrapbook pages done this month. This doesn't even begin to make a dent in the number I have to do, but it's two more to put into his book. The first page is carving pumpkins at Marlena and Noah's and the second is helping Darrin make pizza. Marlena had a great idea on the pizza page to make a little pizza for each step, and it turned out great!

And while I didn't quilt much this month, I did read two books about quilting: The Lover's Knot and A Single Thread. The first was a mystery (someone was murdered in the quilt shop) and a story about how quilting can get you through the tough times. The second one also focuses on quilting can get you through the tough times, and opening a new shop. They were both good, quick reads.

Ian even seemed to slow down after his birthday (this could have something to do with the unwelcomed present of a cold he got for his birthday). We found him laying down on the job a few times, though as soon as we snapped a picture of him- his energy would miraculously come back.

Ian had his 2-year check-up on Saturday. All is well in the little guy, and he's definitely not slowing down in the growth department. Still above the 96th percentile for height and above the 75th percentile for weight (I'm surprised this isn't higher, since he eats more than me at most meals).

Now- off to work on that to-do list.