Sunday, April 26, 2009

My To-Do List...

If you look at my to-do list, it looks like I've been completely lazy this month, which is only partially true (I have become addicted to Mafia Wars on Facebook- which is the primary cause of laziness). Some of the things listed I put on my list to force me to do (which obviously hasn't worked), and the others I really want to finish but things always seem to come up. Here's a picture of the ONE thing I've crossed off this month- Sara's birthday present. It's a small wall hanging/table topper that measures 16x20. I gave it to her Monday at guild, which was only three weeks after her birthday (not too bad for me).

During spring break, Ian went fabric shopping with me. As we wandered around the store, we made it to the kid fabric. He found fabric with tractors on it and went crazy. He was such a good kiddo there that I bought a fat quarter of the tractor fabric and another of farm animals and sewed them together into a blanket for his stuffed animals. It's currently covering up an animal in his bed, so I don't have a picture of it. I did free motion quilt on it for the first time. I definitely ended better than I started, but I still wouldn't enter anything I FMQ into a quilt show...

Tonight I finished up four red/white/blue blocks. They're being mailed tomorrow to Jen in Wisconsin. She's going to assemble them, along with other blocks from the Prolific Online Quilters, into comfort quilts. A member of our group had a son who died in Afghanistan.

I made the EASIEST thing for dinner tonight, using my favorite cooking technique- the crockpot. I got the recipe from allrecipes. You simply dump some dry onion soup on the bottom of the crock, put the roast (recipe calls for beef, I did pork) on that, and top with a can of cranberry sauce. It looks really dry to begin with, but it makes a delicious gravy. I threw in some sweet potatoes. MMMMMM

Ian had another first tonight- He said, "I love you" to Darrin and I without us saying it first. He also helped us solve a mystery. The other morning Darrin's alarm clock went off, which never happens because I get up first, so he doesn't set his. Today while we were in our room, Ian played with our clocks, and turned Darrin's alarm on. Mystery solved.

Darrin and I had another date night Friday night. Angie was unable to watch Ian on Friday, so Marlena and Noah babysat him, and just kept him until Saturday morning. We went to PF Changs (yum) and then saw the movie State of Play. It was a good flick. What was even better, though, was sleeping in on Saturday.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Can you guess what this is?

If you guessed the inside seams of Ian's jeans, you are......


According to Ian, these inside seams are "Choo-Choo tracks." Just thought I'd set the record straight for you.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

After watching Ian go on his Easter egg hunt this year, I've come to the conclusion it's a lot more fun watching your child hunt than the fun I remember having when I hunted. We did our Easter egg hunt on Saturday, after we dyed eggs. Ian dyed two of them, but then asked to get down. Apparently playing blocks with Grandpa is more fun than dyeing Easter eggs.

The Easter Bunny came after Ian's nap. He walked out onto our deck and did a huge intake of air. It was so cute watching him hunt eggs. Instead of looking around the area he was standing in, he would look straight out. Because of this, he would see an egg clear across the yard. He crisscrossed across the yard so many times. We hid about 15 eggs, and he found at least 10 of them on his own. Such a good job!
If you'd like to see if live, go ahead and watch. Please ignore the camera work- I kept getting distracted watching Ian have such fun I'd forget to look through the video camera, I'd just look over it instead. At one point, Lacey (grandma and grandpa's puppy) got out through a hole in the fence, and I followed her with the camera. Needless to say, I won't have a job in film-making anytime soon.

After playing bells at church for both services on Easter Sunday, we headed over to Marlena and Noah's for lunch and more hunting. As always, he had an Easter basket brimming with gifts. Then they had their own mini-hunt for Ian of money-filled Easter eggs, with a piggy bank for when he was finished.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Tonight we frosted the sugar cookies. After taste-testing the frosting, Ian said, "That GOOD!" It was so spontaneous, loud, and hilarious. We showed Ian how to frost his cookies and put sprinkles on top. I think he got three frosted before he got sick of us taking them away from him. Before we could grab the 4th away from him, he stuck it in his mouth. After tasting one of my own, the frosting tastes fabulous, but I think I'm going to have to find a different sugar cookie recipe. Could be that I made them wrong, too, because this was a first time thing for me as well.

We met Darrin for lunch today at the Olive Garden. Darrin was running behind, so we killed some time at the quilt store. Ian was a good boy, so I bought him 2 fat quarters of farm fabric. Hopefully tomorrow I'll sew them together and whip up a quick little blanket for his stuffed animals.

Knocked a few more things off my to-do over break list. I finally finished Sara's present. I forgot to take a picture it, so hopefully tomorrow. I also sorted through all of Ian's clothes and boxed up all the 18 months. It's so sad putting some of those away; he was so cute in them and he won't wear them anymore. I read The Quilter's Kitchen- definitely my least favorite Elm Creek Quilt book. Each chapter was only about 5 pages long, followed by 15 pages of recipes. There wasn't much story to it at all, which is pretty much why I disliked it.

Monday, April 6, 2009

First Day of Break

Well, I knocked a few things of my to-do list for today. Of course, none of them were the crafty things I want to do. But hopefully I'll have time for them tomorrow. Ian and I read A LOT of books today. It was all he wanted to do. After one session of reading, he was getting down off the couch and didn't quite get his feet planted. He hit his head on the end table. He had a pretty deep gash right behind his ear, so we headed to urgent care. By the time we actually saw the doctor, it had healed enough that it didn't need stitches, which I originally thought it would. He did apply something to it so that the skin would be pulled closer together. When we called to tell Darrin the outcome, he said, "Stickers on my ear."

I introduced Ian to sugar cut-out cookies tonight. He had fun helping me cut them out of the dough. Tomorrow he'll get to decorate them. I'm very curious to see how he does with that.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Disappointing Start

Yesterday was the first day of spring break, and while it wasn't a bad day, it just didn't live up to all the expectations I had.

We went to a city Easter Egg Hunt yesterday. We got to the park 30 min before the start of the hunt. The 0-3 age group was in an area 20 yards by 20 yards, and parents could help collect eggs. Now, some eggs are filled with candy and some with tickets for large prizes. They said go, and people just took off. If we had let Ian walk, he would have gotten trampled. I took him to an egg, and he didn't know what to do, so I talked him through it. Apparently, while I was teaching him how to pick up an egg and put it in the basket, all the other eggs were picked up (there had to be about 1000 eggs out there). Darrin and I were so disappointed we waited out there for 30 minutes in the cold for one stinking egg. I was even more aggravated by the fact that I had missed an hour of quilting time with the girls for Ian to get one egg. As we were driving in the car afterwords, Darrin and I deciding this particular hunt was a one-time thing for our family, Ian shouted from the backseat, "I got egg in dinosaur (his basket)." It put it in perspective- Ian was THRILLED he got even one egg. The trip was worth it to him, and helped improve our take on the day as well.

Darrin and Ian dropped me off at Sara's place for quilting. My goal for yesterday was to get Sara's birthday present bound and finish my block-of-the-month for guild. I got two sides done on her present, and was halfway around the third side when I realized that when I sewed down the binding, I didn't grab the top of the quilt in some places. Instead of ripping it out, I just moved on to my BOM. Someone pointed out that at least it was the first side that I didn't grab it on, but the current side, so I didn't have to rip out so much. I got to work on my BOM, but didn't get it quite finished before it was time to go eat.

Things for the day improved from here on out. We went out for dinner at Spaghetti Works. While we were there, a balloon lady came around and made Ian a "cycle bike" (motorcycle). He didn't want to let it go. When he went to bed that night, I had to put it within his sight. After dinner we went to Hot Shops where Noah's photography was on display, along with others in the Metro Photography Club. It was his first gallery showing. There were some very interesting photos taken and techniques used to print them. I learned a lot. We went back to Noah and Marlena's to celebrate. We had Amazing ATE-layer dip and some delicious caramel pumpkin pudding cupcakes. It was a great time sitting around and talking with friends. Ian even went to sleep there with no fuss.

It's snowing out now, so it's a good time to go hole myself up in the basement and finish the quilting projects I didn't get done yesterday.