Monday, April 6, 2009

First Day of Break

Well, I knocked a few things of my to-do list for today. Of course, none of them were the crafty things I want to do. But hopefully I'll have time for them tomorrow. Ian and I read A LOT of books today. It was all he wanted to do. After one session of reading, he was getting down off the couch and didn't quite get his feet planted. He hit his head on the end table. He had a pretty deep gash right behind his ear, so we headed to urgent care. By the time we actually saw the doctor, it had healed enough that it didn't need stitches, which I originally thought it would. He did apply something to it so that the skin would be pulled closer together. When we called to tell Darrin the outcome, he said, "Stickers on my ear."

I introduced Ian to sugar cut-out cookies tonight. He had fun helping me cut them out of the dough. Tomorrow he'll get to decorate them. I'm very curious to see how he does with that.

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