Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Weekend... so far

Friday was an interesting day for Ian and me. We ran a bunch of errands in the morning (all those that I couldn't do on Thursday because of his temp). One of our stops was to Hy-Vee, where Ian decided he, and only he, could push the cart. So, I would tell him stop and go, and he'd push it down the aisle. He was doing a good job until we got to the frozen food aisle. He decided to stop at one time when I didn't say it- he noticed Dora Popsicles in the freezer. They were on sale, so they went in the cart. After his THREE HOUR nap (he was sick the day before...) we headed outside to eat one. He got it up to his mouth and the minute it touched his mouth, he realized how cold it was and he didn't want anything to do with it. I offered it again (the scrapbooker in me wanted the hot summer day Popsicle face picture), but he did his best to squirm in his chair and avoid it.
Ian had been complaining of an "owie" on his foot for most of our errands. I finally wasn't driving while he was complaining and was able to take a look. His new shoes had rubbed a blister, which had then popped, right on the edge of his arch. Now, you would think these tears were because of this blister getting grime in it:

Nope. It was because I had put a band-aid over it. He kicked, he screamed, he wanted absolutely nothing to do with this thing called a band-aid. I can't decide if his aversion to it was becuase the only time he's had a band-aid on him is for his shots, or if it's because he doesn't remember ever having one and has no idea what a band-aid is, so it scares him.

We finished up Friday night going with a bubble party on the deck. He got so coated in bubbles that it gave a different definition of bubble bath.
Today we dove deeper into potty training Ian. My goal is to have him trained by the end of the summer... we shall see. Ian's had a seat that goes on top of our toilet for awhile now, and he's gone on it once, though he sits on it at least once a day. Lately, he's been asking to sit on it more, but nothing happens. Today I stopped by Target and got him his own potty and some Cars undies.
According to what the pediatrician said, if we're home, we should let him run around naked, and keep the potty close at hand. We put his new undies on and told him he couldn't get McQueen wet, so to tell us when he had to pee. Didn't work. So then we did the letting him run naked route- outside because we were grilling dinner. He wasn't outside more than 3 minutes before he peed on his sandbox. I guess like everything learned, it will take a bit for him to catch on to things. I'm wishing he was born potty trained...

While he's been taking long naps, I haven't gotten anything on my to-do list done (I should actually change the one on my page). I have gotten the first two rows of my Shadow Play sewed together, and gotten some serious Wii playing time.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why is it...

that on the first day of summer vacation, a day I could sleep in until I heard Ian wake up, I'm awake before the time my alarm clock would normally go off. And on a normal work day, I would have hit snooze at least two times, though more like three. Today, I was ready to get up and had to force myself to try and lay in bed and snooze some more, because that's what I longed for every day of work.

Why is it, as well, that on my first day of vacation, a day in which I have appointments and errands scheduled because Ian would still be at day care, that he wakes up with a temp too high for my conscience to let me take him to day care.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent this holiday weekend visiting my grandparents in the Quad Cities. It was a very relaxing weekend- just what I needed after finishing up my last day of teaching for this school year. We got to my grandma's around 10:20 Friday night. Ian hadn't taken a nap that day nor had he slept on 4.5 hour trip. I was prepared for a rough day the next two days because of lack of sleep, but he defied the Terrible Twos label.

Saturday we spent the day with my dad's parents. The day started with Ian helping my mom and dad in the garden.
When he wasn't doing that, he was playing with the trucks Great Grandma gave him or riding his bike my parents brought along with them.

After a delicious lunch of homemade biscuits with chicken on top, Ian took a nap with Grandpa. Grandpa snores while he sleeps, and he was snoring so loudly he woke himself up. When he woke up, Ian was looking at him and laughing. After the interrupted nap, we headed to the park. Ian's favorite slide was the tallest one, and it went extremely fast. Before he could get to it, he had to get brave enough to go through the tunnel.

On Sunday, we spent the day being extremely lazy at Great Billie's house. Ian's favorite thing to play with wasn't the Legos, blocks, or cars, but the two baby dolls Grandma had sitting in a high chair. He'd rock-a-bye them and sing lullabies, put his clean diapers on them, and feed them food. I had never seen him play with dolls before and it was quite adorable watching him.
He also realized that a choo-choo drives just a few blocks past Grandma's house. As soon as he heard the whistle, he'd get extremely excited, like near tears excited, and rush to the door to get outside. We'd open up the door and rush him outside. His excitement was contagious as the engine and cars passed us. It's amazing all the things that bring him joy. In the picture he's pointing at the train in the distance.

The trip home today was different than the trip there. Ian conked out on the ride back to Omaha, and slept for quite awhile. He reminds me of Darrin when he sleeps- mouth wide open. I love seeing bits of Darrin in Ian.

Ian also learned some new words on the trip: "road work" and "Omaha." Omaha is way cuter when he says it; comes out something like OO-Nuh-Haw. As we were coming down 680, Darrin pointed out the downtown skyline and told him we were almost there. His response was, "Yay, we made it!" But, as we were turning into our neighborhood. He started screaming and freaking out in the backseat. Turns out he wanted to go to OO-Nuh-Haw, not home. It took a bit of explaining to get him calmed down, and I'm not still quite sure if he understands the fact that Ian's house is in Omaha...

The weekend was perfect because we didn't really do anything but spend time with family that we don't see nearly enough. There was no place to be, nothing we had to do, and that made it fantastic.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Impromptu Plans

I had major plans this morning to clean our house from top to bottom and get some stuff done outside (mow the lawn, attach the gate, haul the rest of the fence away, plant the shrub). Then Darrin and I got on Facebook to find a message from our high school friend Cory. He and his family were in town and headed to the zoo, and he wanted us to join them. We haven't seen Cory in at least 5 years, so we jumped at the chance to go.

I couldn't abandon all my plans for today, though, so before we headed out, we made a quick trip to Mulhalls. It was the fastest trip ever- it helps when you know exactly what you want. We dug out a shrub last year, and finally figured out what to plant there, thanks to the help of my friend Sara, a horticulturist at the Botanical Gardens. We settled on a black lace elderberry.

It's hard to tell from this picture exactly what it looks like, so to see a full one, check out this. It has dark purple, pointy leaves and will grow pink flowers eventually. It can get as tall as 8 feet, but Sara assures me I can chop the heck out of it to keep it the height I need it and that I won't kill it. She told me this about my roses, too, and so far they're alive, so I'll trust her word.

It wasn't long after it was planted that we headed off to the zoo. We had a great time sharing our favorite stops with Cory and his family. He has a three-year-old daughter, and it was neat to see the difference between her and Ian, and what changes we can expect to come. She is really into the movie Madagascar, so we had to make sure to stop and visit all the animals of the movie.

This was actually my second trip to the zoo this week. On Wednesday I went with the third graders from my school. I took along my finished up twist bag to haul my lunch and anything else that needed to be carried. The directions were hard to follow the first time, but now that I get it, this bag would take no time at all to whip together. I used some of my decorative stitches on the handles and for topstitching and like how it turned out. This bag is huge- just for fun we put Ian in it last night. He can stand up in it and the straps go over his shoulders like suspenders.
I have one week of school left, and it's proving to be a busy one. Tomorrow at church the bell choir performs 4 songs at both services so I have to be to church at 7:20 in the morning- I'm barely out of the shower by that time during the week! Monday we have our final quilt guild meeting, complete with pot luck supper and garage sale. Tuesday is honor's night at school and Wednesday I have a softball game. Thursday is bell choir celebration dinner and Friday we live to visit great-grandparents. So basically, my boys are going to get some quality time together this week. That's okay, because starting next week, I'm home every day with Ian!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mother's Day

Ian gave me a gift certificate for Massage Envy for Mother's Day, but even better than that, he went to the bathroom in the big boy potty for the FIRST time. I wonder if it will be like when he took his first steps- he took them, and then didn't take any more for at least 2 weeks. Guess that would be okay, because 2 weeks is all I have left until summer vacation at work.

I spent the rest of Mother's Day quilting with the ladies. I hosted, so I didn't get a lot accomplished. I started working on a bag designed by our local quilt shop. If you take it when you go in to make a purchase, your name is entered into a monthly drawing. I've gone in 4 times and not had one, so I figured I should probably get around to making one. Hopefully I'll have a picture of it for my next post.

The weekend was a busy one. At our normal Friday get-together, I actually scrapbooked and got a page done for Ian's first book. The pictures were already attached to a page, but I never journaled or embellished it. I put it on a different background, and that was all the inspiration I needed to finish it. Looks so much better than on the original background and it was easy to finish.

Saturday we spent the day outside- I worked in the flower beds and Darrin finished up the gate for our new fence. We went to a wedding reception that night for one of my coworkers. Ian LOVED dancing- it was hard to get him to leave. We had the best wedding cake EVER there (well, except for the ice cream cake we had at our wedding). I told Darrin we needed to figure out where it was from so we could get it for Ian's next birthday. Darrin didn't think we could afford it. Turns out it was from Hy-Vee. I'm still amazed the best wedding cake I've ever had came from there and not some specialty place.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finished Fence

We finished up our fence on Sunday, and I can say that Darrin and I won't be going into the fence-building business. The completed fence reminds me a bit of quilting- looks great from far away, up close you notice how things don't always line up and end up straight.

Ian decided that while he helped us on Sunday, he needed assistants. Puppy and Fire Puppy kept a watchful eye to learn the trade.

Ian took breaks from "fix the fence" to play in his sandbox. It's so much fun to watch him in there. When he first got it, he wouldn't stick his hands in it and if it got on him, he immediately wiped it off. Now he'll stick his hands in it and loves filling his bucket and then dumping it back in the box.

I only have 13 more student days left at work. Hopefully I'll regain some energy so I can increase my productivity...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm Pooped

It was a long day at our house today, and the day isn't over yet (thought I'm definitely taking it easy the rest of the night). After some family snuggle time in bed, we made the first of three trips to Menards. We'd been talking of replacing one side of our fence, and today was the day we stopped talking and actually started. We headed to Menards together to pick out what we wanted. Luckily we took two vehicles to Menards, so that while Darrin was waiting for the wood to be loaded, Ian and I came home and started the demo process.

Darrin got back from Menards, and after we unloaded, we ate lunch out on the deck. Ian loved sitting at his table from Grandpa and Grandma. It worked perfectly out there for us to eat on.
After lunch, Darrin made another run to Menards for the rest of the boards, and I attempted to put Ian down for a nap and kill all the yellow flowers growing in our yard. I got the flowers sprayed, but Ian never slept. When I came in, he was still up talking in his bed. After an hour, I figured might as well get him out; it was a beautiful day outside. When I walked in, he had dumped all his stuffed animals onto the floor and was walking from one end of his crib to the other clapping his hands. This isn't the first time lately he hasn't taken his nap. I hope he's not getting to the point where he doesn't need a nap every day. Summer vacation is coming up, and I look forward to the time he sleeps so that I can get some of my things done that I need to.

Darrin got back and we started putting up the boards. Ian decided he needed to get his tools out and help, too. He was so cute, walking around hammering things that were just fine, and over the nails Darrin had just hammered. He helped us drill the pickets in as well. Such a good helper (with a too small shirt).

We got about a third of the way done today. We should hopefully be able to get the rest finished tomorrow. It doesn't look perfect, but it looks better than what we had. Many of the previous boards were falling off, and some of the 2x4s were so rotten that they were no longer straight.