Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finished Fence

We finished up our fence on Sunday, and I can say that Darrin and I won't be going into the fence-building business. The completed fence reminds me a bit of quilting- looks great from far away, up close you notice how things don't always line up and end up straight.

Ian decided that while he helped us on Sunday, he needed assistants. Puppy and Fire Puppy kept a watchful eye to learn the trade.

Ian took breaks from "fix the fence" to play in his sandbox. It's so much fun to watch him in there. When he first got it, he wouldn't stick his hands in it and if it got on him, he immediately wiped it off. Now he'll stick his hands in it and loves filling his bucket and then dumping it back in the box.

I only have 13 more student days left at work. Hopefully I'll regain some energy so I can increase my productivity...

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