Saturday, May 16, 2009

Impromptu Plans

I had major plans this morning to clean our house from top to bottom and get some stuff done outside (mow the lawn, attach the gate, haul the rest of the fence away, plant the shrub). Then Darrin and I got on Facebook to find a message from our high school friend Cory. He and his family were in town and headed to the zoo, and he wanted us to join them. We haven't seen Cory in at least 5 years, so we jumped at the chance to go.

I couldn't abandon all my plans for today, though, so before we headed out, we made a quick trip to Mulhalls. It was the fastest trip ever- it helps when you know exactly what you want. We dug out a shrub last year, and finally figured out what to plant there, thanks to the help of my friend Sara, a horticulturist at the Botanical Gardens. We settled on a black lace elderberry.

It's hard to tell from this picture exactly what it looks like, so to see a full one, check out this. It has dark purple, pointy leaves and will grow pink flowers eventually. It can get as tall as 8 feet, but Sara assures me I can chop the heck out of it to keep it the height I need it and that I won't kill it. She told me this about my roses, too, and so far they're alive, so I'll trust her word.

It wasn't long after it was planted that we headed off to the zoo. We had a great time sharing our favorite stops with Cory and his family. He has a three-year-old daughter, and it was neat to see the difference between her and Ian, and what changes we can expect to come. She is really into the movie Madagascar, so we had to make sure to stop and visit all the animals of the movie.

This was actually my second trip to the zoo this week. On Wednesday I went with the third graders from my school. I took along my finished up twist bag to haul my lunch and anything else that needed to be carried. The directions were hard to follow the first time, but now that I get it, this bag would take no time at all to whip together. I used some of my decorative stitches on the handles and for topstitching and like how it turned out. This bag is huge- just for fun we put Ian in it last night. He can stand up in it and the straps go over his shoulders like suspenders.
I have one week of school left, and it's proving to be a busy one. Tomorrow at church the bell choir performs 4 songs at both services so I have to be to church at 7:20 in the morning- I'm barely out of the shower by that time during the week! Monday we have our final quilt guild meeting, complete with pot luck supper and garage sale. Tuesday is honor's night at school and Wednesday I have a softball game. Thursday is bell choir celebration dinner and Friday we live to visit great-grandparents. So basically, my boys are going to get some quality time together this week. That's okay, because starting next week, I'm home every day with Ian!

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