Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent this holiday weekend visiting my grandparents in the Quad Cities. It was a very relaxing weekend- just what I needed after finishing up my last day of teaching for this school year. We got to my grandma's around 10:20 Friday night. Ian hadn't taken a nap that day nor had he slept on 4.5 hour trip. I was prepared for a rough day the next two days because of lack of sleep, but he defied the Terrible Twos label.

Saturday we spent the day with my dad's parents. The day started with Ian helping my mom and dad in the garden.
When he wasn't doing that, he was playing with the trucks Great Grandma gave him or riding his bike my parents brought along with them.

After a delicious lunch of homemade biscuits with chicken on top, Ian took a nap with Grandpa. Grandpa snores while he sleeps, and he was snoring so loudly he woke himself up. When he woke up, Ian was looking at him and laughing. After the interrupted nap, we headed to the park. Ian's favorite slide was the tallest one, and it went extremely fast. Before he could get to it, he had to get brave enough to go through the tunnel.

On Sunday, we spent the day being extremely lazy at Great Billie's house. Ian's favorite thing to play with wasn't the Legos, blocks, or cars, but the two baby dolls Grandma had sitting in a high chair. He'd rock-a-bye them and sing lullabies, put his clean diapers on them, and feed them food. I had never seen him play with dolls before and it was quite adorable watching him.
He also realized that a choo-choo drives just a few blocks past Grandma's house. As soon as he heard the whistle, he'd get extremely excited, like near tears excited, and rush to the door to get outside. We'd open up the door and rush him outside. His excitement was contagious as the engine and cars passed us. It's amazing all the things that bring him joy. In the picture he's pointing at the train in the distance.

The trip home today was different than the trip there. Ian conked out on the ride back to Omaha, and slept for quite awhile. He reminds me of Darrin when he sleeps- mouth wide open. I love seeing bits of Darrin in Ian.

Ian also learned some new words on the trip: "road work" and "Omaha." Omaha is way cuter when he says it; comes out something like OO-Nuh-Haw. As we were coming down 680, Darrin pointed out the downtown skyline and told him we were almost there. His response was, "Yay, we made it!" But, as we were turning into our neighborhood. He started screaming and freaking out in the backseat. Turns out he wanted to go to OO-Nuh-Haw, not home. It took a bit of explaining to get him calmed down, and I'm not still quite sure if he understands the fact that Ian's house is in Omaha...

The weekend was perfect because we didn't really do anything but spend time with family that we don't see nearly enough. There was no place to be, nothing we had to do, and that made it fantastic.

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