Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mother's Day

Ian gave me a gift certificate for Massage Envy for Mother's Day, but even better than that, he went to the bathroom in the big boy potty for the FIRST time. I wonder if it will be like when he took his first steps- he took them, and then didn't take any more for at least 2 weeks. Guess that would be okay, because 2 weeks is all I have left until summer vacation at work.

I spent the rest of Mother's Day quilting with the ladies. I hosted, so I didn't get a lot accomplished. I started working on a bag designed by our local quilt shop. If you take it when you go in to make a purchase, your name is entered into a monthly drawing. I've gone in 4 times and not had one, so I figured I should probably get around to making one. Hopefully I'll have a picture of it for my next post.

The weekend was a busy one. At our normal Friday get-together, I actually scrapbooked and got a page done for Ian's first book. The pictures were already attached to a page, but I never journaled or embellished it. I put it on a different background, and that was all the inspiration I needed to finish it. Looks so much better than on the original background and it was easy to finish.

Saturday we spent the day outside- I worked in the flower beds and Darrin finished up the gate for our new fence. We went to a wedding reception that night for one of my coworkers. Ian LOVED dancing- it was hard to get him to leave. We had the best wedding cake EVER there (well, except for the ice cream cake we had at our wedding). I told Darrin we needed to figure out where it was from so we could get it for Ian's next birthday. Darrin didn't think we could afford it. Turns out it was from Hy-Vee. I'm still amazed the best wedding cake I've ever had came from there and not some specialty place.

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Michele said...

The best cakes around here come from Costco. Go figure. Glad you had fun!