Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Boy's Best Friend

Meet Karma:

She arrived with the broken arm from Uncle Brian and soon-to-be Aunt Jodi who are both vets. I added the band-aid when I was trying to teach Ian that they are not things to be scared of- didn't work. Ian names his dogs after the real dogs in the family, so this one is named after Jodi's dog because they're both white. He also has a Jinx and Ace. Karma is Ian's baby, and does everything Ian does.

The day usually starts off with breakfast. Sometimes Ian requests a bowl for Karma to eat out of as well.

After that, it's time for toys. Karma likes to play Play-Doh (Ian's turning Karma and telling her to say, "Cheese") and building car washes with the help of Fire Puppy (no one in the family has a Dalmatian...). Things I forgot to snap pictures of are wagon rides and reading books.

Occasionally, like Ian, Karma does get into trouble and has to go into a time-out chair. She can't come out until she says, "Sorry." According to Ian, she was in time-out for hitting in the face.

After lunch, Karma was getting tired, and it was time for a nap.

After naptime, it's time for a snack. Karma was thirsty, so she drank from a bottle.
What goes in, must come out, so Karma had to use the potty.

And it just continues like this throughout the day. Some days everything he does must involve Karma, and others he's content to leave her in bed. It's just neat to wake up and experience the day with him. I'm so thankful I have the summer off and am able to experience all the crazy, cute things he does all day long. I'm also thankful he has Karma to occupy him, so that I can get things crossed off my to-do list. Only one row left to sew on and I'll have the center for Shadow Play all together!

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BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

That is so cute! Karma is a very lucky pup! are a very lucky Mom...but you already know that. The potty pic is to die for!