Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My UFO List

That's Unfinished Fabric Object, for those of you who read my blog and aren't into quilting. My online group of quilt friends, the Prolific Online Quilters, is having a Finish-It-Up contest this summer. They're keeping track of all of us participating at the Waun-A-Quilt blog.

Here's my list. I've included everything I have bought fabric for, even if I haven't started it (otherwise my list is actually pretty short).

1. Shadow Play: currently piecing into rows
2. June wall-hanging: haven't started
3. Runaround bag: need to buy zipper before I begin
4. Wonder Wallet: don't have fabric, but if you could see my current wallet, this should be the first thing I complete...
5. December wall-hanging: haven't started
6. January wall-hanging: haven't started
7. May wall-hanging: quilt and bind
8. Pledge Allegiance wall-hanging: haven't started
9. Rachel's Reel: hand applique down reels
10. Ian's last block: find missing pieces...
11. Fold-over bag: haven't started
12. Witch wall-hanging: haven't started
13. Tree skirt: need a few more fabrics
14. Let it snow: finish piecing/applique
15. Guild BOM: figure out what to do with finished blocks
16. Advent calendar: figure out how it works
17. Pink and Brown quilt: haven't started
18. Miss Rosie's: need more fabric

I think that's it, though I may find more as I dig through my quilt area (and hopefully clean it in the process). I don't see myself finishing most of the big quilts (I usually get one big quilt done a year), but hopefully this will encourage me to get the small things finished up.

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Darling Jill Quilts said...

That's a good list! I have a bunch more that I have the fabric for, but that I haven't started yet too!