Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quilt Retreat

Well, I've had a few days to recover from the quilt retreat, though I definitely don't have all my energy back. The 13 of us had a fabulous time together at Lou Ann's. We could not have found a better place for hosting. We had access to her quilt shop the whole time we were there. So if at midnight, we needed fabric, thread, etc, we just walked over and got it for ourselves, writing it down on our tab as we went. This got pretty dangerous for some, as most of her fabric was 50% off.

We had plenty of room in the workspace to spread out. There were 12 big tables, so most of us didn't have to share, 2 large ironing boards, 2 cutting height tables, and 4 design walls. I had one of the long tables to myself and it was so nice to be able to spread everything out.
The tables also worked well for pushing things to the side and taking a quick snooze. I have no idea how some of the girls stayed up working til after 1 am. I didn't make it much past 10:00, but was usually up in the morning sewing way before they came down the stairs.

The upstairs sleeping quarters were so cute. There were 5 different 'apartments' for sleeping, and each of these were divided into smaller rooms and included a full bath with Bath & Body Works amenities.
This is where my sister, my mom, and I slept. Off to the left of the picture is a doorway into another room of the apartment where my MIL slept. The beds were so comfortable and the quilts gorgeous. She had 24 beds to choose from, all with at least 1 quilt on them and matching pillowcases.

Now to the sewing. Sara, Marlena and I made everyone a thank-you gift for attending. Sara made pillowcases, Marlena made sewing machine caddies (they rest under our machines and hold stuff), and I made water bottle covers. Thanks to Jen for the directions for the last two items.

I got 8 of my star blocks pieced (though before the weekend started I thought I'd get all 20 pieced and the top together). Everyone seemed to get a lot accomplished during the weekend: My sister completed her first-ever quilting project, a table runner, and pieced a wall-hanging; my mom completed a table runner and purse, and pieced a wall hanging, and my MIL got all the pieces done for an Ocean Waves quilt. The same quilt as my Shadow Play, which took me about 8 months to piece.I think the consesus from everyone was that we need to make this a yearly event and hold it at Lou Ann's, since it had everything we needed. Just have to make it through another school year that starts in THREE WEEKS first!

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Jen said...

Wow, it looks like you girls had a great time. I'm glad that you plan on making it a yearly event!