Wednesday, July 1, 2009

St. Louis Part One

We spent most of our vacation in St. Louis (so be prepared for LOTS of pictures). I had never been there before, and I'm not sure why my parents never took us there for vacation. It wouldn't have been too far from home, and it was a lot of fun. Our first stop on Friday morning was the Gateway Arch. I was a bit freaked out riding to the top in this little circle "cube". They were so old and tiny, but making it to the top was worth it. Some of the pictures are from the morning when we were there, and then we went on Sunday to get some dusk shots. When we got to the top, I held the camera and snapped a bunch of pictures. My genius husband put them all together to make the panorama of downtown St. Louis.

View from the Arch

While Noah was shooting some shots of the Arch with his large-format film camera, Darrin and I checked out the old Courthouse next to the Arch. The Dred Scott trial took place there. The place was all decked out for the 4th of July. They were hosting a celebration like what would have taken place in 1857, so the flags they had hung up only had 33 stars.

We had to change our plans a bit after that, as the Cardinals game was standing room only, and we weren't going to stand. Instead we opted for a tour at the Budweiser brewery. The brewery was HUGE. It was more like a campus of buildings, and the buildings were SOOOOO gorgeous. We met some of the Clydesdale, froze in part of the building, and enjoyed two free beverages at the end.
(Can you guess who drank the pop?)

After a bit, we headed to City Museum. I'm not exactly sure why it's called a museum. It's more like an indoor/outdoor playground built out of recycled materials for big kids (it's open til 1 am). While Marlena and I enjoyed ourselves, I think the boys LOVED it. They were in heaven crawling around and exploring things. The museum had tunnels, slides, stairs, and structures all built out of other things, especially wire. It was CRAZY! It's really hard to describe what it was like. You just have to go there- Trust me.
(We were able to climb all over and through the wire/airplanes pictured)
(2-story slide)
(Darrin's shot inside the slide)
(the far spiral is a 10-story slide Noah and Darrin went down)(Darrin climbing up the spiral to the tunnels above)

That was the end of the first jam-packed fun-filled day in St. Louis. More to come later about the rest of our travels.


Moneik said...

The arch was awesome when I visited. I also loved the brewery. I could have spent hours there. I went to STL when I was in college for a conference and we did quite a few touristy things.

Jen said...

You have awesome pictures!! I've done the brewery tour too and having grown up in Milwaukee where Miller Beer is brewed, our breweries have nothing on that one. That one is very, very cool! Your pictures make me want to go shoot some of my own in the worst way!!! Inspiring!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your pictures and comments so much. We do not get to see you as much as we would like so we do like the updates. I copy the pictures and give them to my folks, if I know that Billie is coming in to the office, I make some copies for her too. Again, congratulations on the news of your family and the new addition. We eagerly await the new addition.
Love Aunt Debbie