Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Quick Finish

I've been using my last week of vacation not doing what I intended: looking through all the curriculum I brought home in May. Instead I've been enjoying time with Ian and my sewing machine. Today we went and met Meeghan and Alexa for lunch, but before we left, I stitched up a diaper/wipes carrier for them. Since Ian's gotten older, I tend to grab the one I made myself instead of his whole diaper bag. It's just more size-friendly to me.
Yesterday we took advantage of the afternoon sun (it was cloudy all morning) and headed to my co-worker's pool for one last time this summer. Ian did a lot better in the pool this year than last year, getting brave enough to put his face in the water and lay on his belly. He wouldn't let me let go, though. He loved playing with the different balls she had in the water.

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