Sunday, September 27, 2009


Yesterday, I had a pleasant surprise when I got invited to the musical play Quilters. The overall plot is that a mother (Sarah) is making a legacy quilt incorporating blocks from quilts that were important in her life before she dies. The main focus of the play are the 16 different quilt blocks (42-in square), which are used to tell stories of life on the prairie. These stories weren't necessarily connected with Sarah's life, though, so I got confused sometimes during the play. They're just snippets of pioneer life. They told stories revolving around blocks that included Kansas Dugout, Tumbling Blocks, Windmill, Schoolhouse, Lone Star, Log Cabin, Crosses and Losses, and Tree of Life. Peg Pennell, a quilter in the guild I belong to, designed the legacy quilt, and pieced/quilted it with the help of friends. It measured 12 feet 9 inches square. What does one do with a quilt that size when the play is over?

The lobby of the playhouse was filled with 37 quilts hanging from the ceiling. Some were modern takes on the classics, while others were antiques from the 1800s and early 1900s. In the booklet that described them, they had some quotes from the movie:
* "Each block is different, each pattern has a thread of somebody's life runnin' through it."
* "I tremble sometimes when I remember what that quilt knows about me."
* "I leave this, the work of my hands, to you... May it bring you as much joy and comfort in the using of it as it has brought me in the making of it."

I think I might include that last one on all my quilt labels from now on.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On the Crazy Train

I'm pretty sure I'm a passenger on the crazy train for the next month. We had quilt guild on Monday, and our entries for the next month's quilt show was due. I'm showing my Fun with Dick and Jane quilt, and then I submitted my Shadow Play quilt. Problem is, only the top is done, which means I have less than 30 days to get it sandwiched, marked, quilted, and bound. And the quilting I have picked out to do is not stitch-in-the-ditch, which is what I've done for every quilt. I'm going to attempt free motion. Why did I enter it again?

At least I'm not the only passenger on this crazy train. Marlena entered 4 items for the quilt show, and she only has one finished.

I better go get started. The end of October will be here before I know it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Ian has decided his red ball is a meatball, and he uses it to reenact a scene from one of his videos where Snuffleupagus sings "On Top of Spaghetti" and ends up chasing his meatball. He is OBSESSED with his meatball. When we went shopping today, he just kept saying, "Go home to my meatball." He'd repeat over and over while playing with it, "This my meatball."

To capitalize on his obsession, I made homemade meatballs and sauce for dinner tonight. He normally wants nothing to do with the sauce when we have pasta, preferring to eat his pasta with just a bit of cheese. Well, he wanted a meatball, so we got him to eat the sauce on that, but he still wouldn't touch his pasta if it had sauce on it. While he was eating, he kept saying, "I won't sneeze."

Darrin and I are just constantly amazed with how his brain works and connects things, relating the unknown to the known.

You can check it out below. It's hard to hear, but before he rolls it out of his Caterpillar, he sneezes.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Conversation with Ian

On Friday night, we read a book about what Baby Bunny will be when he grows up. I asked Ian what he would be, and he said, "I be a farmer."

This morning, he said to Darrin out of the blue, "I grow up and be a farmer."

Darrin asked him, "What will you raise on your farm?"

"Cows and sheeps."

Just wanted to record the story, so when he's 18 and trying to decide what he wants to do with his life, I can remind him of what he thought he'd do when he was two.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


A Saturday with no plans and rainy weather. I love days like this. I've sworn off cleaning today (not sure how that's different than other days), but I'm looking to be productive in other areas. My goal for today is:

* Fix the faucet that's been dripping for three months at least.
2:30: Woo-hoo no more drips. Thanks to Google, Home Depot, and my hubby (who did all the work) the faucet is fixed. Let our water bill return to normal!

*Play cars with Ian, since he's grabbing the computer away from me to get me to play.
Played right away following the post, and then Sara came over and he forgot all about playing with mom. I had the rest of the day to work on my to-do list. The fact he took a 3 hour nap really helped.

*Read my library book. It's "The Lost Quilter" and those books are usually a quick read for me.
10:30 took longer to read than I expected (interrupted by grocery shopping, dinner, Home Depot), but it was a good read. A lot better than the other Elm Creek books have been lately.

*Make the latest recipe on Smitten: Cheesecake-swirled brownies
3:30: in the oven- only 35 minutes to go until I can try one!
8:30: after eating two, one fresh from the oven and one from the fridge, I've concluded they taste fantastic cold. Almost like a cheesecake-brownie fudge. MMMMMM, great recipe and very easy to make.

*Make a lot of progress on Moneik's prize for my 100th post. I haven't forgotten, just haven't had time to quilt.
I didn't get to this on Saturday, but I'm hoping to get my lesson plans done while Ian's napping today, and work on this while watching the Packers beat the Bears. Go Pack!

Sorry it's a pretty boring post for most, but if I post on here, I figure someone might hold me accountable, so I actually have to work on them. Hopefully I'll be able to update some progress tonight. Off to build a choo-choo track...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Good Day for a Walk

This morning we headed to Fontenelle Forest to take a walk on their trails and search for dinosaurs. It was cool how they had them hidden in the forest. I just wish they had been animated dinosaurs. Ian liked the dinosaurs, but I think he had more fun running on the boardwalk, then turning around to see if we were coming. He had to sit on practically every bench along the way, too. They had a neat little outdoor play area where Ian had fun playing.
After lunch at Spaghetti Works, we headed to the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge. It's a walking bridge that stretches across the Missouri, connecting Omaha to Council Bluffs. It's not a very far distance, which is probably a good thing because out in the middle, you can really feel it bounce and sway.
With all this walking, Ian fell asleep on the way back to Nebraska. That 10 minute walk turned out to be the only nap he'd get today. I wish little cat naps could re-energize me the way they do him.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Big Boy Bed

The day has finally arrived. Grandpa and Grandma brought Ian his big boy bed yesterday, and we got it all together today. We couldn't get it together fast enough for him. He kept running from his room, to the baby's office (his term).

He had to try it out as soon as we got the sheets on it. They have cars and trucks on them and he's in love with them.

He also discovered a new spot for hide-and-seek.

And it wasn't a problem getting him to go to bed tonight with his new pj's in his new bed having Grandpa read him a story.

He has actually spent more time in the baby's office than his room. He wants the baby in there now, not understanding that it will still be 6 more months. At one point he pretended to have the baby in his arms and sang it a song while rocking in the chair. He's also dumped a lot of his stuffed animals and toys he doesn't play with into the crib for the baby. He'd say throughout the day today, "Gotta go see the baby."

I think he's shaping up to be a great big brother.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ian Have Great Day

Okay, I know it's not grammatically correct, but it's how Ian talks. When I picked up Ian at day care tonight, they were all playing outside. As always, I asked how Ian's day was, and she said, "Another great day." Then she told me that a few minutes ago, Ian sat down by Sydney and said, "How's it going Sydney?" She responded, and Ian replied, "I have GREAT day at Angie's." It cracked me up just picturing two 2-year-olds carrying on a conversation like that.

Those words are music to Darrin and my ears. So many times last year when we picked him up, we got, "Ian was in time out a lot today for hitting." So far, in the almost 4 weeks he's been there, he's only been in timeout 4 times. It's a miracle if you ask me. I don't know what the reason for it is, but I'm sure thankful it's happening (and hopeful this post doesn't jinx it!).

Now, if we could just fix his morning response. Our mornings are usually full of lots of crying and big tears because, "I can't want to go to Angie's." I have no idea why, because he doesn't cling when we drop him off, and he always seems to have lots of fun while he's there. I'm hoping he's just having trouble adjusting after spending all summer home with me. Otherwise, this is going to be one long school year.