Saturday, September 5, 2009

Big Boy Bed

The day has finally arrived. Grandpa and Grandma brought Ian his big boy bed yesterday, and we got it all together today. We couldn't get it together fast enough for him. He kept running from his room, to the baby's office (his term).

He had to try it out as soon as we got the sheets on it. They have cars and trucks on them and he's in love with them.

He also discovered a new spot for hide-and-seek.

And it wasn't a problem getting him to go to bed tonight with his new pj's in his new bed having Grandpa read him a story.

He has actually spent more time in the baby's office than his room. He wants the baby in there now, not understanding that it will still be 6 more months. At one point he pretended to have the baby in his arms and sang it a song while rocking in the chair. He's also dumped a lot of his stuffed animals and toys he doesn't play with into the crib for the baby. He'd say throughout the day today, "Gotta go see the baby."

I think he's shaping up to be a great big brother.


MandN said...

We are equally excited about the new baby!! (Quite frankly it is hard not to be after spending time with Ian!!) Hope the big brother has a good first night's sleep in his new bed :) Love, the godparents

Cara said...

Too cute, the sheets are so fitting for him. Can't wait for the baby either. Love to all.

Aunt Cara