Sunday, September 6, 2009

Good Day for a Walk

This morning we headed to Fontenelle Forest to take a walk on their trails and search for dinosaurs. It was cool how they had them hidden in the forest. I just wish they had been animated dinosaurs. Ian liked the dinosaurs, but I think he had more fun running on the boardwalk, then turning around to see if we were coming. He had to sit on practically every bench along the way, too. They had a neat little outdoor play area where Ian had fun playing.
After lunch at Spaghetti Works, we headed to the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge. It's a walking bridge that stretches across the Missouri, connecting Omaha to Council Bluffs. It's not a very far distance, which is probably a good thing because out in the middle, you can really feel it bounce and sway.
With all this walking, Ian fell asleep on the way back to Nebraska. That 10 minute walk turned out to be the only nap he'd get today. I wish little cat naps could re-energize me the way they do him.

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