Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chef Collins

For Halloween last weekend, Ian got more than just candy. He got a Packers outfit from my parents and an apron and baking supplies from Darrin's parents. We finally got around to packing away Halloween stuff last night, and Ian made the actual putting away of things difficult, because he wanted to play right away. He turned his Play-Doh table into a pizza parlor.

First you have to roll the crust out. He hasn't quite mastered tossing it into the air like the pros do.
After you've added the toppings, you have to add the spices.
And finally, you serve your pizza to Daddy on a Cars serving platter.
He was back at the baking this morning, making chocolate chip cookies. Now if I could only get him to make these for real, I would have to worry about what to make for lunch...

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Moneik said...

He's such a cute little chef! Love the apron.