Sunday, November 22, 2009

Great Weekend

It's been a great weekend. Saturday I spent 12 hours at Archiver's with Marlena scrapbooking. I churned out some of the coolest pages yet (I know, I say that every time I make new ones). I started with some more recent events, though I did do Halloween from last year. Most of the layouts aren't two pages, I just photographed them together to save pictures. Ian loves his Farmer Ian one. He keeps looking at it.
I also have given some thought to scrapbooking when the new one arrives- do I continue keeping separate scrapbooks for each-churning out two layouts for every Christmas (we have 7 Christmases each year...), Halloween, Easter, etc, or figure out a different approach. And then I thought about how many pictures I have that don't get scrapbooked, so Darrin thought to combine the two. The baby will have a first year book, but I'm going to start keeping a 'family' scrapbook instead of one for each kiddo. My goal is to combine that with my take on a 365 scrapbook (where you take a picture and journal a little for each day of the year). It's my early New Year's goal, so hopefully after the first week of the new year, I'll have a layout to show (and all that babble above will make sense).

I also took Ian's hint and have the top pieced for his tractor quilt, but no picture- and I'm not pulling it out to get one. I'm afraid I'd be tempted to work on it, and when I look at the list of gifts I need to make in the next month, I don't have time to work on it if I want to accomplish what's on the list. I'd share the list, but many of the people they're for read this blog, just trust me, it's a lot.

Today we took advantage of the warm weather and put up our lights. I also did a bit more shopping for Ian, so if anyone's bought him the Imaginext Firestation, let me know so I can take it back.

Time to churn out lesson plans. It's a short week, so perhaps I can actually get ahead for once and get two weeks done...

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