Sunday, January 24, 2010


I just finished typing up my spelling plans for the month of March for my maternity leave. One thing done for the sub, only a billion more left to do. Now I'm sitting here thinking: should I work on the next thing for the sub, or the next thing for the baby. It's a lose-lose if you ask me. When I'm working on baby stuff (the quilt, arranging the room, making lists of things still needed) my brain wanders and I think of all the stuff I have left to do to prepare for the sub. And it's vice-versa when I'm working on school stuff- basically all I want to do is finish the baby quilt. Not to mention the daily stuff I still must do because I have a two-year-old and a hubby. I try to rationalize it by saying do school stuff at school and home stuff at home, but it's hard to get ahead at school. Plus the way it's been lately, I'm never actually AT school.

Case in point, Ian learned the word puke this week. We were up all Wednesday night with him, so he stayed home on Thursday. Whatever he had everyone else at daycare must have gotten, including the provider, because she was home sick Friday. So, those were days missed of work this week. Darrin did stay home with him on Thursday, because I was already scheduled to be gone at a conference that day. So, with Monday (MLK), Thursday, and Friday out of the building, I was there a whopping two days to be productive.

Ian also learned some more other words this week: February 13- his birthday. We're having a construction-themed party of just family and the traditional Sunday crew. No other little kiddos. I don't think I would have the patience for more kids two weeks before the due date. So aside from preparing sub plans, and prepping the house for the baby, I'm prepping for a birthday bash as well (dump truck cake, anyone?).

So I guess I'm just pondering where exactly to exert my energy, without exerting too much energy and going into premature labor.

And on a complete different pondering topic- my hubby. I have always known he was handy with a computer, but not so much a fixer-up kinda guy. Apparently I was wrong. In the past two weeks, he's installed new closet organization systems in both of our closets, repaired our roof, installed a new microwave above our stove, and is now out in the garage finishing his workbench and installing a different wall organization system- with the garage door open and snow falling outside no less. Who is this man? And will he be staying long?

Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Amazing

what one can accomplish in a weekend. I don't know if it's the impending due date (six weeks) or Ian's impending birthday party (four weeks) but this 3-day weekend saw us get a lot of stuff done around the house AND have time for fun. Fun stuff first...

Darrin and I had probably our last date night before the baby is born. For Christmas he gave me tickets to see Little House on the Prairie the Broadway musical playing here in Omaha at the Orpheum. We went out to eat first at a restaurant called Taste. We never would have ventured there had it not been suggested to me by two friends on Facebook. It has a very contemporary atmosphere, which is different for us, but the food and service was fantastic. I had a salad with coconut-crusted chicken topped with a strawberry-pineapple puree. I wish they would have served the puree in a glass, because it's the closest I've come to a strawberry daiquiri in awhile. Darrin had an 6-hour roasted pork roast and it was yummy, too. The service was so fast that we got downtown early enough to stop and grab ice cream from Ted and Wally's. The show was pretty good. Not as great as The Lion King, which I'd seen there, but it made me laugh and smile, so that's good. It's been awhile since I've read the Little House books, so some things I remember didn't match up with the show, and that frustrated me.

On to the productive weekend...

I got the center for the baby quilt done this weekend. All it needs is the borders on before I can sandwich it. This is a miraculous event if you ask me, considering I didn't even buy the fabric until Thursday. Saturday the girls came over for sewing, and I got the blocks 2/3 of the way done. Finished them up yesterday, and pieced it today. I've always wondered how people get some quilts done so fast, and now I know- you must choose the right pattern. Apparently I've been picking out waaaayyyy to time-consuming of patterns. This pattern went together so quickly. I could see myself using it over and over again. And to think until earlier this past week I had given up the thought of even having it started before the baby's arrival.

That's about it for my productivity this weekend. My goal was to get the first week of lesson plans written for my sub, but I was too excited thinking I could actually get the top pieced that I didn't get them all done. I did force myself to finish MOST of the things on my school to-do list before I worked on the quilt. Darrin, however, had an even more productive weekend. Our microwave went kaput on Friday, so he installed a new one for us. We've had really bad ice dams with all of our snow, and they finally melted off the roof, so he climbed the roof and glued down some of our shingles that had been lifted. And he installed a new closet system for himself (during the middle of the night a few weeks ago while we were sleeping, we heard a noise. Turned the light on and his closet shelves had just pulled right out of the wall). I like it so much I'm hoping he can do mine next weekend. He has been very handy lately, and I've been very impressed.

I'm wondering if all this productivity may have nothing to do with the impending dates, but instead the gloomy weather we've had. No snow, but no sun. Just fog 24 hours a day. The only neat thing about it is that it's really pretty when it freezes to the trees at night:

And, just because no post for me is really complete without a picture of Ian. Here he is after sledding down the hill in our backyard. The snow was very crusty on top and he wasn't heavy enough to indent it at all, so he FLEW down the hill. He probably would have crashed head-first into our house had it not been for the snowdrift in front of it (over his sandbox). He went feet and head first into it, and decided that was enough sledding for the day. As adventurous as he is, I doubt we get him back on the sled at all this season...
He also claimed Darrin's closet as his "house", and was a bit disappointed to see it get filled up with clothes.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Pictures of Life

I'm trying a new scrapbooking thing where I take a picture a day to tell the story of our life, because so often before this, I'd have a random picture of Ian that was great but that I couldn't tie into a scrapbook page. This way I can do a page for each week and incorporate those pictures. I'll post the layouts when I finish them, but for now, here are some of the pictures we've taken.

On the 7th, Ian wanted Darrin to get his belly. Darrin pulled his shirt up and he stared calling it his hood. He started running away, though, when Darrin pulled out the camera. Good thing Daddy's quick with the camera.

This first days of January have really been about all the snow here in Omaha. We thought Darrin was finally done digging us out when we woke up to this sight Saturday morning. Darrin thinks it was a sabatoge. I doubt it, since there were plow marks on the road...

And then there was yesterday, when the Packers scored lots of touchdowns, though fell short in the end.
Which brings us to today. Ian asked for help getting the goggles on (which came with a miniature leaf blower for Christmas last year) so that he could go swimming. He learned this weekend about snorkeling and apparently wanted to pretend. Somehow it transferred into sitting on the couch with me. The couch was a snow plow one minute, a train the next, and even a boat. We drove whatever he decide it was like the crazy drivers we are.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Reason #3,585 that I love my hubby

At 6'3", he's a foot taller than me. Now, this has its obvious benefits that I use almost daily, such as reaching things on the higher kitchen shelves. But in my 33rd week of pregnancy, it has some benefits that I've really been taking advantage of lately- clothes. With all the snow days we've had, I spend my days lounging in his pj pants and sweatshirts. Sure, the pants are a little long, but I'd rather deal with that than wear maternity pants. I've been wearing his clothes so much lately that when Darrin actually wore his own sweatshirt yesterday, Ian said, "Hey! That's Mommy's shirt!"

While Ian was wrong on that one, he was right on this one: Darrin was outside on Wednesday before the snow really hit using our roof rake. Ian and I were watching from inside when he said, "I have a good daddy." in his matter-of-fact way. And he's right. Reason #1 I love my hubby- he's a great daddy- the best (and he'll probably be a bit embarrassed by this post all about him...)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Three Snow Days

It's about 4:20 on Thursday and they've already cancelled school for tomorrow, making that our third straight "snow" day. That makes 6 cancelled days in the last 14 days of school. Today and tomorrow should actually be deemed "too cold to be outside" days. With these cold temps (what does above zero feel like?) coupled with the piles of snow, I KNOW I could never live in Alaska. I don't even remember there being this much snow in Northern Iowa where I grew up. It's actually hard to tell how much snow we really have because of all the drifting. Where Darrin's shovelled and blown the snow, it's got to be close to 3-feet high, and there's a drift in our backyard that's closing in on the top of our fence. Hopefully the wind is blowing all the snow off our roof because we have some wet spots on the ceiling and don't need them getting any worse. I can't tell if it is, though, because I'm not venturing outside (otherwise there would be photos to accompany this post).

And you would think having yesterday and today off that my house would be put back into order, but of course not. I do feel reasonably comfortable that if I were to go into labor today, which I better not go until March, that we would be prepared at home. Now if we could actually have some school days so I could prepare my classroom for my departure...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow pictures

I stepped out long enough today to take a few pictures of the snow that was awaiting our return to Omaha. We can't thank Marlena and Noah enough for clearing us out while we were gone! Wish there was a way that the snow plows didn't have to fill it back in, but thus is the give and take of living in the Midwest.

Back to Normal...Almost

The tree and ornaments are in their respective boxes and snowmen have replaced Santas... now just to pack it all away. Oh, and for Darrin to shovel out our mailbox so we can get mail on Monday. There is A LOT of snow here, and if I ever change out of my pj's today, I'll be sure to get a picture or two. What a welcome back to Omaha. Instead of being lazy our last day of break, we're trying our best to be productive, which is hard since our parents did everything for us back in Iowa and we could be as lazy as we wanted. Thanks for that everybody!!!

I'm not looking forward to the packing away of all the Christmas things. Because to do that, we need to start rearranging the house for the arrival of Baby Collins. The room that will be the nursery is currently the room where we throw everything that doesn't have a place. So now I'm forced to find a place for all that stuff. I'm thinking there will definitely be a few trips to Goodwill in our future.

All I really want to do is work on Ian's quilt now that I have the backing fabric (thank you 75% off Christmas fabric sale) but I must clean to have space even to do that. Better stop typing and get started...