Sunday, January 24, 2010


I just finished typing up my spelling plans for the month of March for my maternity leave. One thing done for the sub, only a billion more left to do. Now I'm sitting here thinking: should I work on the next thing for the sub, or the next thing for the baby. It's a lose-lose if you ask me. When I'm working on baby stuff (the quilt, arranging the room, making lists of things still needed) my brain wanders and I think of all the stuff I have left to do to prepare for the sub. And it's vice-versa when I'm working on school stuff- basically all I want to do is finish the baby quilt. Not to mention the daily stuff I still must do because I have a two-year-old and a hubby. I try to rationalize it by saying do school stuff at school and home stuff at home, but it's hard to get ahead at school. Plus the way it's been lately, I'm never actually AT school.

Case in point, Ian learned the word puke this week. We were up all Wednesday night with him, so he stayed home on Thursday. Whatever he had everyone else at daycare must have gotten, including the provider, because she was home sick Friday. So, those were days missed of work this week. Darrin did stay home with him on Thursday, because I was already scheduled to be gone at a conference that day. So, with Monday (MLK), Thursday, and Friday out of the building, I was there a whopping two days to be productive.

Ian also learned some more other words this week: February 13- his birthday. We're having a construction-themed party of just family and the traditional Sunday crew. No other little kiddos. I don't think I would have the patience for more kids two weeks before the due date. So aside from preparing sub plans, and prepping the house for the baby, I'm prepping for a birthday bash as well (dump truck cake, anyone?).

So I guess I'm just pondering where exactly to exert my energy, without exerting too much energy and going into premature labor.

And on a complete different pondering topic- my hubby. I have always known he was handy with a computer, but not so much a fixer-up kinda guy. Apparently I was wrong. In the past two weeks, he's installed new closet organization systems in both of our closets, repaired our roof, installed a new microwave above our stove, and is now out in the garage finishing his workbench and installing a different wall organization system- with the garage door open and snow falling outside no less. Who is this man? And will he be staying long?


Jennifer said...

Sounds like a lot going on in your mind...I think it is more typical of a 2nd child/pregnancy because you know alreay how much time they will take up after arrival! I say to time box yourself or designate alternate nights for school/baby/birthay so that you can be focused on each for a night knowing you'll get to the next one in an hour or the next night. Good luck!

Michele said...

Sounds like your dear husband is nesting :)