Friday, January 8, 2010

Reason #3,585 that I love my hubby

At 6'3", he's a foot taller than me. Now, this has its obvious benefits that I use almost daily, such as reaching things on the higher kitchen shelves. But in my 33rd week of pregnancy, it has some benefits that I've really been taking advantage of lately- clothes. With all the snow days we've had, I spend my days lounging in his pj pants and sweatshirts. Sure, the pants are a little long, but I'd rather deal with that than wear maternity pants. I've been wearing his clothes so much lately that when Darrin actually wore his own sweatshirt yesterday, Ian said, "Hey! That's Mommy's shirt!"

While Ian was wrong on that one, he was right on this one: Darrin was outside on Wednesday before the snow really hit using our roof rake. Ian and I were watching from inside when he said, "I have a good daddy." in his matter-of-fact way. And he's right. Reason #1 I love my hubby- he's a great daddy- the best (and he'll probably be a bit embarrassed by this post all about him...)

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