Thursday, January 7, 2010

Three Snow Days

It's about 4:20 on Thursday and they've already cancelled school for tomorrow, making that our third straight "snow" day. That makes 6 cancelled days in the last 14 days of school. Today and tomorrow should actually be deemed "too cold to be outside" days. With these cold temps (what does above zero feel like?) coupled with the piles of snow, I KNOW I could never live in Alaska. I don't even remember there being this much snow in Northern Iowa where I grew up. It's actually hard to tell how much snow we really have because of all the drifting. Where Darrin's shovelled and blown the snow, it's got to be close to 3-feet high, and there's a drift in our backyard that's closing in on the top of our fence. Hopefully the wind is blowing all the snow off our roof because we have some wet spots on the ceiling and don't need them getting any worse. I can't tell if it is, though, because I'm not venturing outside (otherwise there would be photos to accompany this post).

And you would think having yesterday and today off that my house would be put back into order, but of course not. I do feel reasonably comfortable that if I were to go into labor today, which I better not go until March, that we would be prepared at home. Now if we could actually have some school days so I could prepare my classroom for my departure...

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Moneik said...

Hope you are enjoying another snow day. It's cold here too -30 with the wind chill and a high of -1. At least the snow isn't blowing around today. Stay warm.