Monday, March 29, 2010

Family Picture Attempted

Marlena stopped by for a bit tonight and helped us try to get a quick family photo to post at my grandma's 80th birthday party this weekend. Do you know how hard is to get family picture when your newborn is hungry (but you don't have time to feed her because your photographer's got to leave) and your toddler is not in the mood for pictures but hot cocoa, and the momma is operating on about 4 hours of broken sleep the night before, and the daddy is congested? I'm amazed we got what we did. You'll notice Ian had to keep moving from one spot to the other. At one point he just wanted to lay down on the couch.

Here we go, from start to finish (from fairly serious, to fairly crazy).

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Early Easter Weekend

My in-laws brought Ian back this weekend and he ran straight to Annaliese in her chair to give her a kiss. Guess he missed his sister. I'm so glad they came this weekend, because I was sick, and it helped so much having them here. They all went out Friday night to Red Lobster. Darrin said the waitress commented on Ian's long eyelashes. I hope Annaliese are long like his; otherwise it would be such a crime for the boy to have longer eyelashes than the girl. She also asked Ian what his name was and he said, "Racecar!" He's crazy about the movie Cars and runs around our house "vrooming" like McQueen, and usually asks whoever is available to either be Mater or King and race with him, or be the combine and chase him. It's exhausting!

On Saturday, I was feeling a bit better, and my mood improved even more when the mailman slipped a package between our doors. I was shocked to find a package from my blogging friend Moneik, who makes more quilts in a month than I get done in a year. She's amazing. I admired this quilt as she was blogging about it, and can't believe that I'm, well, Annaliese, is the lucky recipient of it. It's gorgeous and we both love it. Thanks Moneik!

We also celebrated Easter this weekend because my in-laws were visiting, and we'll be with my family next weekend. We dyed eggs in the morning (Cars themed, of course). We told Ian to be careful when putting the eggs in the dye, not to drop them, so he ended up getting his fingers very colored as he would get his fingers in the water.

He had a great time hunting after his nap. He was much faster about hunting this year than last year. The Easter bunny will have to find some harder hiding places next year I guess.Annaliese was too tuckered out to help with the hunting, though.

More Pictures by Noah

We had our regular Sunday get-together today and Noah brought over a file with more of our pictures on it. He says there are still more to come, and if they look as good as these, I can't wait to see them! It's crazy to think that all these pictures came together with props we had around the house- fabric, baskets, blankets, etc. Oh, and don't worry grandparents, aunts, and uncles, you'll be getting some of these once we decide which we like best!
We're working with Ian at looking at the circle (lens) of the camera and saying cheese.
Well, he looked, just not straight on...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I've Been Crafty!

I got two projects finished this week- projects that would have been nice to finish before Annaliese was born, but she's only three-weeks-old, so I am not too far overdue.

The first is a nursing cover OR hooter-hider OR udder cover, whichever term you'd like. The tutorial can be found here and was very easy to do. The fabric is Amy Butler; Country Sampler had it 50% off, so while it's not my favorite pattern, for the price it was well worth it!
The second completion was a cover for the changing table and was also very easy. The tutorial is here. This fabric is leftover flannel I had. The green is from the back of Ian's baby quilt and the brown from Annaliese's. I plan on making a few more of these- just not sure how many we'll need to get by between loads of laundry.

And these were all possible thanks to naps by Annaliese. Today she snoozed for a bit in her car seat after we got back from running some errands.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Slacker Blogger

It's been awhile since I've posted. Here's what's been happening in our life:

St. Paddy's Day: Annaliese and I both had our two-week check-ups. Things are going well with both of us. She gained weight since birth, and I've lost most of mine. What more could two girls ask for? We didn't do much to celebrate the holiday, but Ian was showing his heritage pride:

March 18: We took advantage of the spring-like weather today playing outside and grilling the first steaks of the season. Annaliese fell asleep on her first walk and Ian was hesitant to pedal his bike without one of us behind him holding onto the handle.

March 19-21: We spent the weekend back in Iowa. Annaliese proved to be a very good car rider- at least for this trip. Ian, as always, did wonderfully. On the way there, as we turned off of the four-lane road onto the two-lane, he says, "We're almost there!" and he could remember the names of some of the towns we travel through. He's growing up too fast! Annaliese met her great-grandma, aunt, and her cousin Owen for the first time. Ian's staying up there this week to get spoiled by his grandparents.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Preview

On Sunday, Marlena and Noah transformed our basement in a photography studio. Annaliese was perfectly cooperative, which was amazing because she had a terrible Saturday. She slept when we wanted, tolerated us manipulating her, and even showed us her eyes a few times. Her older brother, however, pretty much wanted nothing to do with it. I was okay with that, though, because at 3, he doesn't change as quickly as Annaliese does.

Noah just sent me one of the shots as a preview and I thought I'd share:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Day of Firsts

Because of the snow this morning (which is now basically gone thanks to the temps), we opted not to take Ian to day care. And even though he didn't want to go outside and shovel, he was completely up for going outside to build his first-ever snowman. The snow was perfect, and so was the weather; warm enough to make snow, but no wind and not really cold. Ian helped push the snowballs around, and it was so cute because he grunted with each push like it was extreme work.
The snow was hitting him in the face, so we showed him how to catch them on your tongue.

And after building the snowman, he and Darrin played catch with a snowball. I'm sure in just a few years it will be a snowball fight instead of catch.

Ian wasn't the only one who had a "first" experience today. Annaliese lost her umbilical cord, so we could finally give her her first bath. She needed one after she peed on the changing pad and soaked herself. She didn't cry through the whole ordeal until we were getting her out, and she loved checking herself out in the mirror. And best of all, she didn't poop in the tub like Ian did during his first bath.
Ian also spent some time today coloring and tracing his hand on the back of his picture.

A Conversation

See all that white stuff in the picture. That was not there 5 hours ago. Five hours ago, at 4:something in the morning, when I was awake feeding Annaliese, there wasn't a speck of white stuff on our ground. The past week has been warm, with a bit of rain, and it took care of all the snow we'd had on the ground since the first week of December. But it's back. At least it's a March snow and won't stick around for three months!

While eating breakfast this morning, Darrin and Ian were discussing the snow. The conversation went something like this:

Darrin: So, Ian, are you going to help me shovel the snow?
Ian: No, it's too cold.
Darrin: That's not a problem. We'll just put hats, gloves, and your coat on.Ian: No, that's okay. It's cold out there. It's warm in here- so I just watch you from the window.
My excuse of being pregnant to get me out of shoveling isn't valid any more. Do you think I could borrow Ian's reasoning and just watch from the window, too?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Paparazzi Papa

Most of the great photos I've posted since Annaliese has been born have been taken by Darrin, unless he's in the picture, of course. He adores his kiddos and loves snapping photos of them. Good thing he does, because without them, I wouldn't have pictures to scrapbook- though it makes deciding which ones to use pretty difficult! He got a great one of Annaliese this morning that I just had to share:
And here's one from yesterday:

Monday, March 8, 2010

One Week Ago

Our lives changed when Annaliese joined our family one week ago. This week has gone by quickly. It's been pretty great, especially seeing how much Ian loves his little sister. I can't wait to see what the weeks ahead hold for us!

Ian playing cars with Annaliese and Daddy.
Ian using his road work cone as a party hat for Annaliese.

Ian showing off his "Big Brother" shirt