Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Conversation

See all that white stuff in the picture. That was not there 5 hours ago. Five hours ago, at 4:something in the morning, when I was awake feeding Annaliese, there wasn't a speck of white stuff on our ground. The past week has been warm, with a bit of rain, and it took care of all the snow we'd had on the ground since the first week of December. But it's back. At least it's a March snow and won't stick around for three months!

While eating breakfast this morning, Darrin and Ian were discussing the snow. The conversation went something like this:

Darrin: So, Ian, are you going to help me shovel the snow?
Ian: No, it's too cold.
Darrin: That's not a problem. We'll just put hats, gloves, and your coat on.Ian: No, that's okay. It's cold out there. It's warm in here- so I just watch you from the window.
My excuse of being pregnant to get me out of shoveling isn't valid any more. Do you think I could borrow Ian's reasoning and just watch from the window, too?


Moneik said...

How quickly they catch on! I'd sure rather stay inside today too.

Cindy said...

It just shows how smart he is.