Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I've Been Crafty!

I got two projects finished this week- projects that would have been nice to finish before Annaliese was born, but she's only three-weeks-old, so I am not too far overdue.

The first is a nursing cover OR hooter-hider OR udder cover, whichever term you'd like. The tutorial can be found here and was very easy to do. The fabric is Amy Butler; Country Sampler had it 50% off, so while it's not my favorite pattern, for the price it was well worth it!
The second completion was a cover for the changing table and was also very easy. The tutorial is here. This fabric is leftover flannel I had. The green is from the back of Ian's baby quilt and the brown from Annaliese's. I plan on making a few more of these- just not sure how many we'll need to get by between loads of laundry.

And these were all possible thanks to naps by Annaliese. Today she snoozed for a bit in her car seat after we got back from running some errands.

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Jennifer said...

Lucky you to be so crafty so soon!