Sunday, March 7, 2010

An Observation on Clothing

Yesterday we took Annaliese on her first outing. My sister is in town visiting, so we headed out for supper at Cheeseburger in Paradise, and followed that up by shopping at the Carter's outlet. Ian has a shirt from there that says, "Big Brother," and we needed to get the one that said, "Little Sister" for Annaliese.

Of course, I couldn't walk out of there with just that one outfit for her. It is a very different experience buying clothes for girls as opposed to boys. Girls' clothes have cute patterns on them: floral prints, polka-dots, hearts, plaid, gingham. Boys' clothes, meanwhile, are themed: zoo animals, construction equipment, sports paraphernalia, trains, etc.

I've decided I can only buy so many of the boy pattern-themed clothing before they all start looking the same and I get bored with my options. "Oh, guess I'll buy Ian another dinosaur shirt. Let's see, he already has three football shirts- does he need another?" I wonder if I'll think the same thing about buy clothes for Annaliese. For some reason, I'm thinking maybe not... My goal is just not to make her whole wardrobe pink, but it's all so cute!

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Jennifer said...

Oh, girl clothes are sooo much more fun. And lots more colors to choose from. This summer, you'll love the carter's romper/dress. They are fantastic for little girls! Hope she's sleeping well and Ian is still loving his little sis.