Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Nights

I love Friday nights, especially lately. Wednesday nights I have softball games, and Thursday nights I have bell practice at church, so dinners are usually rushed, and there's not really any family time for me to enjoy. So by the time Friday night rolls around, I'm ready for some family time, and tonight was great.

Ian was so helpful tonight, which was a 180 from this morning, when he threw one tantrum after another (note his shirt, it was the complete truth this morning). We had homemade strawberry-chocolate chip pancakes for supper, and he helped me mix up the batter. Darrin did his part, too, by making some of them so I could eat (note in his picture the use of two spatulas to turn his ginormous pancake). Our stove and counters get so dirty for some reason when we make pancakes...

Ian headed outside to fly his airplane tonight that Noah made him.

Annaliese cooperated by sleeping during supper, and waking up just as we were finishing. Ian helped out with her, entertaining her and feeding her. I can't believe she'll be two-months old already tomorrow. She's such a big, strong girl already, not really newborn like anymore.

Tomorrow we're hoping to go on a picnic, and I'm hoping to get the house cleaned, finish quilting what I'm working on, and get my scrapbook area ready for company on Sunday. We'll see if all that happens...

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