Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

All weekends should be three days long. This weekend we had enough time to have fun as a family, have fun by ourselves, and to get some stuff done (and take lots of pictures).

The weekend started a bit early on Friday when we met Darrin over his lunch break for a picnic lunch at Lake Zorinsky. It's sad to say, but it's the first time I've used the picnic basket we got for our wedding. We've gone on lots of picnics since then, we are just lazy and usually pick up Subway. This time we actually brought everything from home.
With the increase in temperatures, Annaliese has had to make the jump to the next size of clothes, or suffer the heat in long sleeves. I'm glad we've been able to make the switch, because now she can wear all the cute clothes I've been eying in her closet for 3 months.
Saturday morning Darrin and Ian put the finishing touches on the hosta bed, adding edging and filling in the rocks. I love it when Darrin works with tools because it means Ian's going to pull his out and it's just so cute! He was even dressed thematically, wearing his Handy Manny outfit. Ian decided to tag along with me as I went quilt shopping, and I'm glad he did. It turned out to be a pretty fun trip. We talked about how I play on a softball team. He said that he isn't on a team, but he was at Brian and Jodi's. I asked him what he played there, and he said, "Cornbags." He meant beanbags, but his confusion makes it so much cuter. The weather was perfect that night so we spent it outside, Darrin teaching Ian how to roll down the hill... though Ian ended up going more sideways than actually down.

Sunday we headed to the zoo for the first of many trips this summer. Our first stop was the new Madagascar exhibit. It was our first time seeing it, and it was filled with tons of different lemurs. At one point, you walk through them outside and one crossed right over my head and sat in a tree maybe two feet from my face- it was pretty surreal. Another change to the zoo since the last time we were there was a baby gorilla in the gorilla house. It was such a cutie. One of the free-wandering birds, my guess is turkey or peacock, had an interesting place to lay an egg. Annaliese stayed awake for most of the time we were there and seemed to enjoy taking in all the sights.

After afternoon naps, we headed to Marlena and Noah's for grilled food and some exotic s'mores (we had peanut butter cups and bacon as well as chocolate for toppings). It was so much fun, and Ian did much better eating s'mores than the last time. Annaliese got to try out the swing Marlena and Noah got for their baby (only 7 weeks to go!).

Monday was a day for recooperating. Ian took a four-hour nap and Annaliese wasn't awake for more than 40 minutes at a time today. Darrin cut down some limbs on our tree, and Ian spent quite a bit of time up on the ladder afterpretending to chop down the tree himself. The weather was perfect today and we ate both lunch and supper out on the deck.

Thank you to those who have served or are serving for our country. Because of your service and protection of our freedom, we were able to have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend.

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