Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Comparison of Two Saturdays

What a difference a week makes. Last week we were running around so much we barely had time to catch our breaths.

That morning, we went to St. Olaf for the Uff Da Daze parade and lunch. Turnout wasn't the greatest (probably because the weather was crap) but that meant more candy for Ian!

After that, it was off to the wedding of my cousin Maureen and her now hubby Jim. Beautiful wedding (though I spent quite a bit of time trying to keep Ian in the pew and quiet-apparently difficult to do with tractors involved, so I missed parts of it). Her dress was GORGEOUS!!! Just about every time I go to a wedding, I want to get married all over again, because I want to wear another wedding dress.

After the ceremony we hopped back in our car and headed to the reception for Darrin's brother and his wife. They were married last month in Jamaica and we were unable to go. Annaliese was so much better than we anticipated, as she had been fussy all week. Turns out she had an ear infection. As long as she was held, she was fine. Ian barely left the dance floor once he got on it. He had a great time dancing with another little girl, and towards the end of the night, he only wanted to dance with Jodi. He became her little shadow.

Today, however, no parades, weddings, or receptions. Just yard work, cleaning the house, and date night tonight (dinner and movie) for Darrin and I to celebrate our 6-year anniversary.

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