Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Help me plan my quilting attack

Friday is the start of our annual friends and family quilt retreat. Whereas last year we went to Lou Ann's in Iowa, this year they're coming out here and we're staying at Minglewood Lodge, which is owned by The Quilted Moose. I've been sitting in my quilting area trying to figure out what to work on, or more importantly, the order of what to work on. I'm torn between finishing up some of those UFO's listed off to the side and starting a new project. Here's what's on my list so far:

1- Runaround Bag: I use this for my purse and have been using the same one since I made it, which looking back in the blog, was nearly two years ago. I have two fabrics from the Make Life line by Sweetwater picked out to use.

2- Verna Tablerunner: I already made one of these for my mom. When I was working on it, I started another. It's already sandwiched and I've started the quilting on it. It just needs to be finished.

3- Annaliese's curtains: Poor girl has an east-facing room and gets the sun nice and early in there. I'd like to make something that looks like this, but not necessarily follow the pattern.

4- Ian's tractor quilt: It needs borders and to be sandwiched (I despise that part of the quilting process), and then quilted. If I don't get it sandwiched before Friday, I may not take it...

5- Christmas tree skirt: I've had the pattern for about 5 years, and every year at Christmas I tell Darrin, "Next year we'll have my tree skirt under there." I'd actually like to shock him and have it under the tree this year. It's a diamond log cabin quilt-as-you-go skirt.

So, please advise what order you think I should do them in. Do I finish up the Verna and Ian's quilt? Or do I work on the tree skirt, which is what I'm excited to do? Make the curtains for my little girl? Update the look of my purse? I might add that after this weekend I have to focus on getting some baby gifts made. I'd take them along, but the mommy-to-be will be there... So, if this was your list, what would your plan of attack be?


Marlena said...

I was having similar thoughts this morning :) My vote for you: Do what you are excited about (but bring some of the other projects, too - that way you can take breaks or have other things to do if you finish the tree skirt). Remember this weekend is supposed to be FUN (not stressful!) - so my vote remains, do what you are excited about. :)

Cara said...

leave the purse for last and work on one of the things on the list per day.

Jennifer said...

First of all, I hope you have a great time on your retreat! I would suggest a mix of things you can finish quickly (runaround) and things that will take a little longer (tree skirt). I had a tree skirt pledge last year and got it done just before Christmas and was so glad I did! Good luck making the call, or just take them all and play it by ear!

Cindy said...

I'd start with the Run A Round bag to get you started and warmed up, Then I'd go right to the tree skirt, Hide it until the tree is up and surprise your husband.

Debbie said...

What I do when I have to make a decision if I have something I really want to do and I am excited to do it, I make myself do all the other things I have put off and get them done. Then I get to do the thing I am excited to do. It motivates me to get the older projects and partial projects done so I can feel like I really accomplised something. That is what I have done. Aunt Debbie