Sunday, August 29, 2010

Little Man's Long Weekend

Ian's weekend started early, when he greeted me on Thursday at the door like this:

Ian's Rash

Darrin had to pick him up early from preschool because he had a rash. After a trip to the doctor's to determine if it was contagious, we discovered that kids quite often get this type of rash in conjunction with strep throat. So Ian spent most of the day Thursday and all day Friday home from preschool. Had it not been for the rash, though, we never would have known he was sick, and apparently his tonsils were HUGE (the nurse practitioner repeated that several times to us). Ian was his normal self, running around the house and eating like crazy. I won't even get into the debacle it was to get his amoxicillin. Just know that it took more than 10 different conversations to get it right.

He asks every night when he goes to bed, "When I wake up, I can go to preschool?" So we had to break the bad news to him more days than just the weekend days, and there were a few mild tantrums that ensued. He absolutely loves it there. When you ask him what he loves, it's a 50/50 chance you'll get one of two answers: playing or sleeping. Never really sure if he actually falls asleep, or if he just lays there quietly for the time. When I ask about playing, he says with his friends, but he never really says what they do. I think he enjoys what the teacher's teach as well; Darrin said when he picked him up once he was really into the story the teacher was reading, asking and answering questions. I love the school, too. In the three weeks Ian has been there, he's gone on two field trips, every Wednesday they have water play outside (at least while it's warm), they go on nature hikes to the lake nearby. I just love how interactive and learning through play it is.

As for learning through play, Darrin and Ian headed to watch the air show at Offutt Air Force base on Saturday. Ian had the chance to explore planes and see them doing tricks. Turns out, he must have been sleepy or the strep finally caught up with him (even though he was well into his antibiotics by then) because they only lasted there two hours. Darrin said he whined a lot and wanted to be carried; things that only happen when he's tired.



He got caught up on his sleep on Sunday after Marlena, Noah, and Walter left. And even wanted to go to bed early- he knows there's preschool tomorrow and can't wait to go.

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Moneik said...

Looks like he's having lots of fun. Hope he's feeling better so he can go to pre-school.