Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meeting Oliver

I made an impromptu visit this weekend to Iowa City by myself. My nephew, Oliver, was born on Thursday and transferred to the University of Iowa NICU, so I drove up to meet him and surprise my sister.

He was born three weeks early after Cara had gone in for a regular appointment, and the doctor's discovered she was low on amniotic fluid, which was forcing him to pinch his umbilical cord. After delivery, he had trouble breathing on his own and they discovered that he had an enlarged heart, so they transferred him.

The cardiologist said that all chambers and valves in the heart look good; there's nothing wrong with it except for it's big. The air sacs in the lungs were having trouble staying open, so they have him on a ventilator. The first day Cara was there, Saturday, they were able to drop back his respirator 17 points, which is a good thing. On Sunday they reported that they had reduced the meds he needed and lowered his ventilator even more. He is also on a no-stress policy, so there's no touching him, whisper voices only, no flash photography, etc.

Here's the view that greets you when you walk into the room:
Oliver's Room

And here's Oliver. On Sunday, they had to add earmuffs and a blindfold to his wardrobe to help reduce his stress level.
Oliver on Saturday
Oliver on Sunday

Here are some close-ups. You can't even see his hands or feet because they're covered.
Heart monitor
Foot IV
Hand IV

And the proud Momma:
Proud Momma


Jennifer said...

Prayers for your sister and Oliver - hope that his condition continues to improve! He is a beautiful baby boy, even all wrapped up in the wires and earmuffs!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Exactly what Jennifer said! I'll keep that beautiful baby boy in my prayers, too!

Moneik said...

Keeping your family in my prayers. Hope the little guy continues to improve. So glad you were able to go visit.